Are Parents Putting Too Much Pressure on Young Athletes?

in parenhood •  4 months ago

You hear them swear, you see them yell furiously, they jump and throw stuff around. No, I'm not talking about monkeys, I'm talking about athlete's parents' behavior.

We've all heard of the story about a mommy getting into a fight while the kids on the field watch anxiously. Is that what we want to show our kids? Those youngsters learn from us, they imitate us and want to grow to be just like us. While we do have emotions, they shouldn't get in the way of good sportsmanship.


I've seen parents put so much time and energy into their kids. These same parents wake up at crazy early hours to get to their kid's practice every day. They do this because they believe in them, and for whatever other reasons. I think it's noble of them. Really it is.

But when a passion becomes a traumatizing experience for a kid, that's when things become complicated. Look at the following video, do you recognize yourself? If so, please ask yourself some questions. Why are you at your kid's game in the first place? For you or for him? Meditate on that.

Crazy Parents... At a sporting event

Wait, is this the first hit on Youtube? Yes, it is. But... but... I thought sports was about learning how to play in teams? I thought it was about friendly competition. I thought it was about having fun.

But no. Clearly, for some, it is not. It is a way to vent out their daily frustrations. This leads to unacceptable behavior. Put yourself in your kid's head and look at you, all red, all scary. Is this what you want people to remember you as?

I'm not a competitive person, and I rarely get angry at someone. That's my personality. But I think some people need to wisen up when it comes to aggressiveness and step down, analyze things and stop being downright stupid.

Please think before you act and try to make your and other kids environment more secure and fun.

What do you consider bad behavior at sporting events?

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To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

My sources say no

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not showing up as a parent would also be bad behaviour ;)


Not so sure, between that and acting like savages...

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