Pants are Optional~Episode 5 with my guest @Jackmiller~Witness

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The 5th Episode of Pants are Optional is with @Jackmiller as my guest. I will admit that my cheeks still hurt from laughing so much while doing this interview! I hope you enjoy the show as much as I did interviewing JackMiller that day!

Pants are Optional is about having fun without mentioning the word Steem or anything Steem related.

If you do talk about Steem there is a 0.250 SBD involuntary donation put into a growing pot that will go to a Steemit Charity after two months.

The podcast is pre-recorded. The links to past episodes can be found in #pants-are-optional-episodes channel in the Steemit Ramble under The 'Rambling Radio' channels. Thank You @Shadowspub!!

Remember to find some laughter in each day!



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Truly hilarious, I like the Wombat reference - I always use a Panda for it - eats, shoots and leaves still works perfectly 🤣

One bit I was a bit fuzzy on, knowing your very different time zones did @jackmiller dose off during the interview - and wake up to find you still on the WebCam patiently waiting for him to continue?

Solid gold, this is such a great way to learn more about fellow Steemains I can't wait to hear more of your interviews.

#thealliance #witness


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& I have been known to doze off, just ask @grow-pro!

You two need to do this more often. Plus your laugh is very infectious @snook. :)


Thank you so much @mazzle!!!! it really was so much fun to do and I laughed so freaking hard I'm happy you did too!

Great podcast @snook & @jackmiller! The 40 inch prick joke was on time LMAO :-) And you both ran up quite the tab for charity too.


I'm SO happy you got to see it :D!!!! and laugh!!! and I don't think I will evere forget that joke :D

Another cool interview! Many thanks to you and @jackmiller for the laughs! 😊


I'm so happy you enjoyed it @thekittygirl!!! to be able to make you laugh makes me very happy!!

I'm shocked you didn't have to change your underwear for this one! LOL!!! I almost did! Great interview.... and yes @jackmiller, @snook is intimidating, isn't she? I get a cold shiver when she dm's me. LOL!! Now I get why the scrabble gif was so funny eariler!



Thank you :D it was so much fun!!

Lmao we more balls than any other chain out there!

Without all us little people...

@jackmiller you real man. Like you more and more.

Whole lot of donations, love it😝💞

Midget? Lol



Ten minutes in you all at like 2.50 already lol

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!! 😎

Naturally giving of themselves. Good answer buddy.

Reminds me of an AC/DC jam lol.

Really liked this one Snookie, well done.


Thank You!!! it really was so much fun. :D now you know why my cheeks hurt so bad :D

Hi @snook,,,, you haved good content


Thank You!