Step-by-step drawing of flowers in watercolor technique

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I always liked to draw flowers, although I do not draw them very often. Once before me there was a task to draw them on quite large sheet of paper.

First of all, of course, I made a rough sketch of the future picture. There was no need to draw in detail and I have outlined only the approximate contours of the colors.

Before starting work, I made a few cuts with the blade, but so as not to tear through the paper through.

Then I moistened the sheet on both sides. The paper should be well soaked in moisture and stay wet for a long time, for this I used a wide squirrel brush.

Large strokes I identified the main color spots, which are beautifully spread on a wet basis.

As the paper dried, I took thinner brushes and drew details of the flowers and leaves. Note that the paint fills the incisions and thus there is an engraving effect.

When bymaga dried almost completely, I took the thinnest brush and dorisoval the smallest elements in their work. That's actually all. I hope you'll appreciate my drawing experience!

Paper, watercolor, dimensions 50x70 cm (65х85 cm)

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This is amazing, beautiful, jaw dropping and colourful...

Am not good in watercolor. I often get my work rough when I do it. Maybe it is because I dont practice it always.

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Watercolor, though complex, but very beautiful technique. Try to draw it once!

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HELLO, they are just great.
I like your work.

Спасибо, Елена : )

so beautiful ! i love that green colors looks so real , also the Frame is nice <3

You are so kind, Adele! ; )

That Look's Beautiful!!

Thank you! ; )

Excellent work, @yurche! Beautiful details!

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Very beautiful drawing, @yurche :) I really like that the results are wonderful and delicate, a trademark of the watercolour as medium ! Love how you presented the step by step process of the creation of this beautiful piece, as well :)

You are very kind, @veryspider : )

They look so great ! I love how the colors rendered :).

Thanks a lot, @kokoreth ; )