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RE: Is The Whole World Run By Pedophiles- Part 1... The Kinsey Report- Psychological Justification

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I unreservedly agree with your intent and conclusions regarding Kinsey, the Immoral Minority, the UN, and the covert political push to derange societal sexual mores that have been incrementally forced by indoctrination, lawfare, and propaganda for more than a century today. However, I note you seem to either have neglected, or left out for reasons, some issues that are very relevant to this topic.

The first, and most alarming, is that the endocrine function of humanity is being altered at an extremely rapid rate with horrifying deleterious effects on society that are being exacerbated by the psychological implementation of indoctrination and propaganda. Testosterone in Western males has been wiped out, plunging over 60% in two generations. Given the extant globalist push to domesticate humanity for the aggrandizement of an equity holding royalty, and the known effects of feminization on normal men, such as reduced aggression, homosexuality, and other abnormal societal impacts, I am forced to conclude that endocrine disruption is strongly indicated to be an adjunct undertaking to the psychological and governmental incremental disruption of normal human sexuality for political purposes.

The second and ultimately probably the purpose of these efforts is that Agendae 21 and 30 mandate a reduction in global population to around ~1 billion, and maintenance at that or lower levels thereafter. A species of feminized male drones incompetent to breed and hyperstrogenated promiscuous females is exactly what one would predict the customer base of Epstein would desire, and would meet the globalist agenda after an initial catastrophic decimation of population through starvation, plague, and war, which I also see movement being undertaken to effect.

I note that despite the devastating impact of endocrine dysfunction on normal men, the psychological manipulations seem to be successfully ameliorating that impact by imposing homosexuality, pedophilia, and cuckoldry that apparently serves to assuage victims by maintaining powerful avenues for libidinous outlets. Humans are a hypersexual species, something quite rare in nature, are essentially hybrids between various subspecies, and highly variable sociologically as a result of our incipient eusociality. All this seems to support strongly that global manipulation of society, men in particular, and imposing global totalitarian overlords on a mercilessly feminized humanity was well conceived, planned, and is being equally well implemented.

Individuals resistant to the endocrine disruption, psychological manipulation, and governmental imposition of new sexual standards are likely to be specifically targeted during the population culling operations necessary to their agenda. I remain hopeful that red-blooded men remain competent to effect their freedom and survival, as they always have, against this new threat that seems sufficiently potent and aims to eliminate them.



So are you saying that millennial males are a bunch of snowflakes?

We're being chemically castrated as a species. As time goes on the effects become more severe, and the reduction in testosterone more marked. Millenials have less testosterone than Gen X'ers, who have less than Boomers, and Zoomers have the least of all.

this jew work, not "un". please search and you will see... jewish males want to rape, plunder, loot us etc...

You're not seeing through the use of Judaism as a cover for Luciferian Frankist/Sabbatean banksters. No race, religion, or ethnic group is a unified political or financial entity.

Zionazis include some ethnic or religious Jews. The majority of Zionazis perhaps claim to be Jewish, but that does not mean that Jews are all Zionazis. Most Orthodox Jews, for example, oppose Zionazism. The UN is but one fragment of the widely distributed mechanisms that work together to implement global government, merely the official public government face of the whole.

CFR, Bilderburg, The Club of Rome, IMF, BIS, Trilaterals, local and regional planning commissions, Environmental NGOs, and etc., are all effecting their particular portions of the whole of policy that results in de facto global government.

Also, saying 'males want to rape' is pure sexism and retarded. It's tantamount to saying 'females want to be raped'. Reality is a long way from such statements.

when sheep provide cover to wolves, and enter a symbiotic relation with the pack, to help it, get closer to other herd, what are they?

however, I agree, the entire super structure ruling the west from behind, specially OCDE that you forgot, must be entirely wiped, and all former and present CIA agents must be eat their children alive and then be killed.

thanks your informative post.

the problem is that zionazi aren't all zionist, in the sense, that for most zionazi it is problematic to rape in israel, as jewish haredim father may unleash hell to them... and I would support that, fully.

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