Is The Whole World Run By Pedophiles- Part 1... The Kinsey Report- Psychological Justification

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In his pretense of scientific objectivity Alfred Kinsey and his team of "researchers" did more to promote sexuality (of all varieties) than to analyze it. Kinsey attached an equivalency to all sexual acts no matter how depraved or bizarre and in doing so set America on a path to immorality and decadence from which it has never recovered- only gotten worse. In the bizarre world of Kinseyan sexuality all sexual acts are "normal," and because the study was set up as a survey, the results are more or less subjective and don't necessarily reflect accurately the intent of the person surveyed. The largest drawback of this type of study is that questions can easily be structured in a manner that pigeonholes the respondent into given an answer with a predetermined outcome by limiting the choices. For example: "Would you rather have sex with a 5 or 10 year old?" The answer for the vast majority would naturally be neither... but that's not one of the options, so the logical choice would be the oldest- 10 year old. The study would then reflect something like: "The vast majority, 78%, said they favored sex with 10 year olds." This is just an example of the inaccuracies of surveys and not a part of the actual study,

The result of the report as a whole provides "... a scientific reference point, the KRs provide legitimacy for every sort of contemporary "sexual athlete": Playboy hedonist, exhibitionist, voyeurist, pedophile, transvestite, fetishist of every stripe." In many cases the report merely provides lurid tales of sexuality that at the time (1948-1953) provided tantalizing sexual escapades disguised as scientific research... almost a means of sneaking  pornography into "polite society."  Similarly, our so-called abstinence-based public sex-education programs that even the kids dub "Porn 101," the legal/political movement that would define same-sex unions as marriage, the Supreme Court decision (Lawrence et at. vs. Texas) that would find no state interest in protecting sexual values - all could, if they wanted, point to professor Kinsey and his sex studies for their "scientific" validity.

In short the purpose of Kinsey's study was to provide cover in the guise of "scientific validity" for all sexual acts no matter how depraved.  To read the Reports is, in effect, to hear Kinsey and his associates cry: "Pure Science!" and "Raw Scientific Data!" with every turn of the page. This studied effect- science is the definitive authority on sexuality - lies in the authors' hope that their awestruck readers will genuflect before this latest manifestation of the "science god." Kinsey et al. unquestionably trust that as each table, chart or graph quantitatively (and mechanically) describes every intimate aspect of what, for the most part, was formerly considered taboo sexual behavior, the reader will ever more surely conclude that, at last, this granddaddy of all scientific studies is just that definitive.

It seems appropriate at this point to interject that the "left," those progressives that would use Kinsey's "data," adhere to the principle that science can be applied to the study of human beings and how they interact in the many aspects of society... political, social, economic, psychological, etc.. This brings into question the scientific rigors of Kinsey's study itself: One critic's assessment of the Reports summarily answers the question of scientific rigor. Kinsey's fieldworkers, Philip J. Pauly points out in "Biologists and the Promise of American Life" (1997), "had traveled the countryside, opportunistically interviewing idiosyncratic populations about unverifiable, often long-past events, and then shoehorned responses into a biological framework whose intellectual limitations were papered over by the quantity of data."  

 In other words, their lack of scientific rigor is rooted in the fact that the Kinsey Reports were, at base, a social survey with all the subjective factors that infect "the collection, tabulation, and analysis of responses to a questionnaire." How reliable, for instance, is the response of Kinsey's record-keeping pedophile that the children he victimized derived "definite pleasure from the situation [of molestation]?" As Pauly noted, "Looking to sexual molesters for information on childhood sexuality is like drawing conclusions on the sexuality of adult females from the testimony of rapists."  

It is with the Kinsey Report that the network supporting pedophilia begins- the relationship between governmental agencies, NGO's and such.  On April 23, 2014,  the Kinsey Institute, whose founders argue that “children are sexual beings….sexual from the word go….sexual from birth,” was granted consultative status by the United Nations Committee on Non-governmental Organizations (CNO) of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). By creatively presenting the Institute’s history and mission in order to obtain its global lobbying status (see the discussion infra), it follows in the footsteps of its founder Alfred C. Kinsey, who misled the world with his theories promoting pedophilia in Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948) and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953). This is a splendid example of how these networks develop. The purpose, naturally, is to normalize this aberrant behavior. By adding its imprimatur, the UN lends credence to Kinsey's report, that we've seen from the beginning is unscientifically conducted and subjective at best.

The UN, as we'll see as we go on, is one of the institutions involved in child sex trafficking having many of its administrators investigated and arrested for crimes against children. The ECOSOC, in conjunction with another NGO, SIECUS (Sexual Information and Education Council of the United States) are working with the Kinsey Institute as "...  part of the “central forum for discussing international economic and social issues, and for formulating policy recommendations”. 

 The Institute’s worldview has been influencing United Nations’ policy for some time through SIECUS, which helped UNESCO develop comprehensive global “sex education” guidelines promoting masturbation “birth to five” as part of infants’ “own specific sexuality.” 

The pedophilic network grows... bringing to mind the question: why is the UN concerned with the masturbation of infants?  The Kinsey Institute may be described as a “new reaper”. Its “unexplored region” is the “field” of human sexuality and it ambitiously promotes  sexual ideologies, rather than objective facts. In essence, the Institute reduces the complexity of human personality to the sphere of irrational mechanistic acts of “human animals.” Unfortunately, such distortions of the human person and authentic human sexuality have been accepted worldwide under the guise of science, rather than  advocacy attempts to promote the ideology of unrestrained sexuality.  

The partnership of the Kinsey Institute with ECOSOC has caused some pushback from politicians, civic groups, parents and others. They published a document named the Kinsey Institute Exposed that contains information that not only should cause concern for the UN, but the rest of the world as well (except that the UN has absolutely no concern for children, only power).  From their fraudulent sex research, to their collaboration with pedophiles to publish their sex experiments on children, to their promotion of risky sexual behaviors as healthy and normal, which has formed the basis of dangerous sexuality education programs worldwide, the Kinsey Institute has caused incalculable harm to children, adults and families. For this reason the UN’s decision to grant ECOSOC status to the Kinsey Institute has outraged parents, government and civic leaders, lawmakers, researchers, and victims of sexual crimes around the world who understand how harmful the Kinsey Institute’s work has been, especially for the world’s children.

 Kinsey’s personal fascination with all kinds of sex acts, as well as his own well-documented sexual fetishes and habits (including engaging in sadomasochistic, homosexual, adulterous and voyeuristic behaviors), greatly influenced the Kinsey Institute’s founding philosophies, the nature of their sex research, and the development of their trademark “nonjudgmental” approach to research on human sexuality.  The Kinsey Institute’s nonjudgmental or all-inclusive approach to sexual behavior is a major reason why their work is so harmful. Societies have always put restrictions on harmful sexual activities, including such things as pedophilia, bestiality, and others that are recognized as abnormal disorders by mental health professionals worldwide. It is one thing to document that various abnormal behaviors exist; it is another thing to claim, as Alfred Kinsey did, that since these behaviors are being practiced by some people, they are, therefore, “normal” and healthy. 

The path to power lies in the breakdown of existing morality constructs such as the family, religion, education, etc.. The most efficacious approach is the sexualization of children and that requires pedophilia. There is more here than the mere sexual gratification of rings of perverts and Satanic ritual abuse- which are still very important- but there's a much larger political objective as well... this is all a part of the globalist plan for world domination. 

Regardless of the scientificity or lack thereof, Kinsey's Report has had a profound effect on how Americans and others around the world view sexuality. It's almost certain that "the father of the sexual revolution," as Kinsey is commonly called, can take much of the credit for the explosion of the LGBTQ+ and transexual revolution the coattails of which pedophilia is attaching itself to. Kinsey provides the psychological justification. Psychology is a crucial element for the normalization of pedophilia and Kinsey is far from being alone in this endeavor. As we go along, others such as B.F. Skinner ( The consequences of an act affect the probability of its occurring again.) If the consequences of an act affect the probability of it happening again, so too does positive reinforcement. Remember, Skinner is also the one that said: "Give me a child and I'll shape him into anything. The strengthening of behavior which results from reinforcement is appropriately called 'conditioning'."

Skinner will be important when we begin our look at the Finders, two of whom were caught with six filthy, bug bitten, confused children in Tallahassee Florida. Conditioning is a big part of "grooming" children for the pedophile and homosexual lifestyles. It is also a key element in understanding the roles of agencies such as the CIA in pedophilic activities... these children are in integral part of "honeytraps" used to blackmail prominent people. The Kinsey Report and it's pseudo-scientific bona fides has evolved from tantalizing reading material into a handbook for normalizing pedophilia. The Kinsey Institute, now in partnership with the UN- whose purpose from the beginning was to create a Socialist one world government by destroying America and the values that made it strong- is sexualizing children.

As we go on in this study, the ultimate goal will become clear... pedophilia is not only a sexual predilection but a political tool employed by the globalist elites to maintain control over world leaders- in politics, business, religious institutions and other organizations. Psychology plays a large role, not only in conditioning children, but in socially engineering world populations to accept this sick perversion. 



I unreservedly agree with your intent and conclusions regarding Kinsey, the Immoral Minority, the UN, and the covert political push to derange societal sexual mores that have been incrementally forced by indoctrination, lawfare, and propaganda for more than a century today. However, I note you seem to either have neglected, or left out for reasons, some issues that are very relevant to this topic.

The first, and most alarming, is that the endocrine function of humanity is being altered at an extremely rapid rate with horrifying deleterious effects on society that are being exacerbated by the psychological implementation of indoctrination and propaganda. Testosterone in Western males has been wiped out, plunging over 60% in two generations. Given the extant globalist push to domesticate humanity for the aggrandizement of an equity holding royalty, and the known effects of feminization on normal men, such as reduced aggression, homosexuality, and other abnormal societal impacts, I am forced to conclude that endocrine disruption is strongly indicated to be an adjunct undertaking to the psychological and governmental incremental disruption of normal human sexuality for political purposes.

The second and ultimately probably the purpose of these efforts is that Agendae 21 and 30 mandate a reduction in global population to around ~1 billion, and maintenance at that or lower levels thereafter. A species of feminized male drones incompetent to breed and hyperstrogenated promiscuous females is exactly what one would predict the customer base of Epstein would desire, and would meet the globalist agenda after an initial catastrophic decimation of population through starvation, plague, and war, which I also see movement being undertaken to effect.

I note that despite the devastating impact of endocrine dysfunction on normal men, the psychological manipulations seem to be successfully ameliorating that impact by imposing homosexuality, pedophilia, and cuckoldry that apparently serves to assuage victims by maintaining powerful avenues for libidinous outlets. Humans are a hypersexual species, something quite rare in nature, are essentially hybrids between various subspecies, and highly variable sociologically as a result of our incipient eusociality. All this seems to support strongly that global manipulation of society, men in particular, and imposing global totalitarian overlords on a mercilessly feminized humanity was well conceived, planned, and is being equally well implemented.

Individuals resistant to the endocrine disruption, psychological manipulation, and governmental imposition of new sexual standards are likely to be specifically targeted during the population culling operations necessary to their agenda. I remain hopeful that red-blooded men remain competent to effect their freedom and survival, as they always have, against this new threat that seems sufficiently potent and aims to eliminate them.


So are you saying that millennial males are a bunch of snowflakes?

We're being chemically castrated as a species. As time goes on the effects become more severe, and the reduction in testosterone more marked. Millenials have less testosterone than Gen X'ers, who have less than Boomers, and Zoomers have the least of all.

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You're not seeing through the use of Judaism as a cover for Luciferian Frankist/Sabbatean banksters. No race, religion, or ethnic group is a unified political or financial entity.

Zionazis include some ethnic or religious Jews. The majority of Zionazis perhaps claim to be Jewish, but that does not mean that Jews are all Zionazis. Most Orthodox Jews, for example, oppose Zionazism. The UN is but one fragment of the widely distributed mechanisms that work together to implement global government, merely the official public government face of the whole.

CFR, Bilderburg, The Club of Rome, IMF, BIS, Trilaterals, local and regional planning commissions, Environmental NGOs, and etc., are all effecting their particular portions of the whole of policy that results in de facto global government.

Also, saying 'males want to rape' is pure sexism and retarded. It's tantamount to saying 'females want to be raped'. Reality is a long way from such statements.

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But Kinsey was a hero who liberated America from sexual oppression. The TV series told me! :)

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I understand that he was a pretty nasty perv himself!

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excellent article to the other, upvoted and resteemed it will...

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I want to point out that, given 0.003% of Humans are transsexuals, there is no way the aberration became a "thing" organically. It has been pushed to the fore with deliberate (and well-funded) effort.

It's a part of the depopulation agenda... if they can confuse enough people sexually, they can talk them into dangerous transformative surgeries and hormone treatments. Especially children- that's who is getting the brunt of their attention

Sad but true.  They seek to bring Our numbers down to a level They can control.  All the more reason We should be working to solve for Them, eh?

Thank you my dear friend! This series is going to be a ,lot of work- I hope I can do it justice!