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Hello, I am taking a look and the life team and going over their tank options. This is a strong team. One of the reasons is that they have a lot of good tank options. I would like to know which of these cards you think is the best for the team. I will pick one random person that does this to win 500 DEC.


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Silvershield Knight is a great card that doesn't get used a lot. This card can be used in a lot of formats to help the life team a lot. In super sneak, he is great to make your guys stronger and take a lot of his with his armor. He can pierce armor that is a plus also. Once he has trample a well time attacked can win you the game. The 6 mana cost and large amounts of cards to get him to high level is why you don't see him as often. Yet you will see in this Match that he is a must-play sometimes. It is a good idea to get this card to at least level 7. He won't be the main tank but sometimes he will win you games in the right place.


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Slivershield Warrior makes the tank list because of his armor and life for 4 mana makes him usable in some games. He shouldn't be used in the first position anymore really but he can be in low mana matches. Also in the little league but he will be in 2nd position for that match most times. At the high levels, he is 3 attack for 4 mana that makes him usable in super sneak and melee mayhem. It is just this team that has a lot of good cards so he won't be there often. He also is a good card to have though to use as a second tank in some games.


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Silvershield Paladin is the star tank of this team. His low cost and big impact make him that. He is not good till level 5 and should really be at least level 7 so that minus one attack don't make it so he can't hit a shielded foe. Yet his magic reflect with okay life and a lot of armor and shield ability makes him a very solid card. He is slow so he can be used in reverse speed. He is great in armor blocks magic games. He is the all-around tank for this team. His only weakness is high damage magic teams but life has a way to counter that as a team and still use him. In some matchups with armor regeneration and healing, this guy just can't be killed. In this battle, you can see him do well and bad. As they had to hit mine a lot buy my extra magic attacker killed his fast.


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Clay Golem is not a tank that you see very often. It isn't that he is bad. It is just there are a lot of good tanks on this team. If you know your opponent is going magic you can try to use him for the void combo with silence from crystal werewolf. His one speed can make him good in reverse speed games but he has enraged so he isn't the best tank for that speed. This is not the first tank that I would level for this team. He will be useful sometimes but not enough to focus on him.


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Crystal Werewolf is a very useful card. With thorns and science for only 3 mana it is a card that can be used a lot of the time. You can put him in the last position and let sneak monsters kill themselves or just let him weaken your opponent's magic attack. He is also a good tank for the little league mod. He is a very useful card. This one is super easy to get up to a high level right now. It won't always be played but when it is used it can cause you to win the game.


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Sacred Unicorn started its life as the best tank in the game. This is one of the few cards that got a nerf. Yet it is still a great card in high mana matches. The only reason this card isn't played all the time is the high cost and that life has some of the best tank options in the game. This card is great in super sneak or melee mayhem. It also can be used it a lot of normal formats. It is weak vs magic damage that is the only issue with the card in the first position. When you can use him in another spot and still have him attack he is great. This is a rewards card so it is worth for sure to get one to at least level 3 so you get trample because when that is used with piercing it can be a killer combo. Watch this battle to see how I use the card. Make sure to get this card before it can't be won in the quest. The price will go up a lot after that.


For me, it is Silvershield Knight in anything under 24 mana. In higher I switch to Sacred Unicorn. But let me know what you think. Did you watch any of my matches I just want to know?

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I will take silvershield paladin first and crystal werewolf second. This combination is great because of werewolf's silence ability and paladin's shield ability.
Besides werewolf has thorns ability and if you put this card in the last position of your team then it will damage opponents sneak cards.

Yup that is the idea I had when I said the team and cover for his lower life.

Silvershield knight works well with Daira DragonScale, I don't this he is good for primary tank. I normally used him in last position along with Feral spirit and Elven Cutthroat to amplify their damage. He is good for Melee Mayhem and SSneak. But sometimes used in first position to suprise enemy with Silvershield warrior to amplify his damage.

That is a good idea. I use him in first position sometimes in supersneak. It works when they go all melee as he can live if only one guy hitting him.

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Greta post I dont play Splinterlands anymore so can't really give any comment on the cards myself

Thanks man sorry you stopped but glad you still check out the post.

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I personally highly dislike the life lineup, the armor and high ranges attack strength make it a bit overpowered in my opinion. We can counter a lot of it with magic but you are forced to use magic to fight life, which I don’t like. I understand their utility but just dislike it myself. Lots of bots use life.

Death is becoming more of my favorite to play lately, how about you, do you play death often?

Death is my highest level team so I use them a lot. Earth can beat life and so can death sometimes. But they are strong.

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Nice, respect for that! Not a lot have strong death teams. I’ll check out your lineup.

I’ll have to experiment with earth to counter life. One of my favorites lately is affliction, which stops them from healing I’m sure you e used it a lot. Fun thing about death is the negative buffs it’s got.

I bounce between the paladin and the knight. Depends on the rule set and what I think the opponent is going to play.

Makes sense. Rule sets do change the cards I use a lot also. E

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Oh, how I wish I had started playing this a long time ago! Boo!

As always, I wish you a nice day!


Thank you a lot. I am glad I got in early. This game has been why I have become a dolphin and why I am not planing to power down any time soon. Thanks for that I hope you have a nice day also.

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Well, you sure did well!

Silvershield Knight is a big NO! It dies too quickly against magic, which is very common. He is great in melee mayhem or sneak though, just not at the tank position.

Sacred Unicorn is your best option in unarmored and melee-only. Werewolf is great and it's trending. Clay Golem with enraged is your best bet when healing is disabled, but it's also good in melee-only and on the last spot in sneak.

Werewolf might be even better than Palading in level 5 and beyond, but Paladin reigns supreme up to level 4.

Good points. Silvershield night can tank but only sometimes haha. He is fast but only if you know you're not running into fast magic.

Level 3 summoners... I 60/40 paladin and golem. I didn't watch your matches.

Thanks for checking out the post. Golem
Is better at lower levels for sure do good move.

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If using tyrus I prefer golem a little more for +1 armor from tyrus plus armorsmith armor heal, melee at 3 helps kill quicker. If I am using daria I prefer paladin because of armor and shield, and daria gives +1 melee so he cuts quicker

Thank you for being a member of CCC and doing this. We gave you an upvote. 👍@team-ccc

I usually use Paladin as a tank and don't watch your matches but then I only very, very rarely watch my own. I simply can't work out what's going on. 😁

haha, thanks for checking out the post.

My cards aren't high level, so my knight is still missing the pierce skill. I do sometimes end up using him as a tank, but most of the time that'll be when I expect there might not be much magic attackers and for example with the super sneak rules.
Since my paladin is only level 1 I don't end up using him frequently at all, but yesterday I had a melee only and no armor game where I went Life for my quest and used paladin as a tank so he could take a few hits, with knight in second and then having the feral spirit and elven cutthroat with me too. So despite it being level 1, sometimes I still end up using it with its shield ability. I agree that he's more likely to be more useful once he gets that magic reflect.
Sacred unicorn ends up being my tank most of the time (when excluding neutral) unless healing isn't allowed. Crystal werewolf is sometimes added for the silence, but not frequently as the tank, I end up placing it last place sometimes so it can tank some sneak hits if the opponent brought any.

You are making good moves with the cards you have. Thank you for checking out the post.

I mostly play paladin, always good against those magic attacks :)

Ya I use him the most.


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Really awesome post! Thank you for taking the time AND for sharing your DEC with the world!
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Wow, thanks a lot I really love this game. You're all so nice to us.