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RE: Is It Time For Steem To Start Embracing Investors?

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I think I might fall under that investor category. It quickly became clear to me that there was no way I could earn my way into Minnow status or higher in a reasonable amount of time starting from zero. Even now, I do not have the number of followers necessary to capture enough curation to make any significant gains. I've had to put my own money into growing my Steem Power.

With my posts, votes, and comments worth more now as a Minnow, I still don't see how I can get to Dolphin status without making this my job. So, I've resorted to leasing my Steem Power instead. I'm lucky to get anywhere from four to six upvotes on any post, mostly paying $0.00 at 100%.

I get the sense that the content creators here are very insular. They tend to stay within defined circles and vote on those. I'm a bit more promiscuous with my votes and liberal with my following of others. With 50,000 active users, it's surprising that the same handful of people upvote most of my work.

To be fair, I often read that it takes about three years for your account to get anywhere. Having started in September, perhaps I expect too much.

On the other hand, if one gets paid to vote, shouldn't we all be zeroing out our voting power daily? Shouldn't we be posting Instagram-like posts and making lame comments? Shouldn't we be following everybody and their sister to ensure we get a larger number of posts to curate?

There is something odd about the high regard Steem users have about the value of their votes and content. More than anything, I think it's off-putting and is largely responsible for the malaise of the network. This vote celibacy or vote fidelity isn't helping anybody.


Crypto winter truly took out most people here. Only if you could have seen what it was back in january. There were so many let's players and anarchist philosophists but they all left. Gaming was one of the biggest tags in Dtube.

In business, when times are rough you should increase your advertising. Most businesses, however, cut back.

Similarly, crypto winter requires doubling down. Go against the crowd. Buy when everyone is selling. It’s one thing to know it. Quite another to have the discipline to do it.

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I would agree, there is a high regard for the idea of "quality" content on here when, looking at the Internet, most of it is not quality. Yet people balk at the fact that Steem is not taking off. Perhaps if we focused upon what the masses care about and not what a few early adopters, we would be much better off.

As for the investing, I bought a number of batches of STEEM over the past two years and powered them up. That is really the way to grow ones account. Having more SP makes one stand out is really that simple.

We are looking at a move to a 50/50 split on the curation so that might be incentive for people to curate more. We shall see.

I think we first need to have a solid base. Try to help STEEM become what it promised to be.

high regard for the idea of "quality" content on here when, looking at the Internet, most of it is not quality.

Most is not quality, but quality is the most rewarded most of the time in one way or another. That is not the case on STEEM at all. I think that is the problem. While internet has a lot of low quality content, high quality content is rewarded, on STEEM there is as much low quality content but almost all of the top rewarded content is of low quality.

That i think creates an impression on the investor that STEEM is fake. They look at the most rewarded things and instantly think that there is something wrong here.

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