Some News... 2nd Amendment Rally- The "Green Swan" & Impeachment

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There are several things going on that aren't enough for posts on their own, so I thought I'd consolidate them under a general category- News.

2nd Amendment Rally

The peaceful rally in Richmond on Monday thankfully went off without incident, proving that it isn't the legal law-abiding gun owners of America that are the problem. The problem is criminals, not guns- and to prove that some criminals are more dangerous, Virginia governor Ralph "Coonman" Northam has claimed credit for "keeping the peace." Northam maintains that it was the presence of the State Police that diffused a volatile situation as thousands of white supremacists gathered, fingers on the trigger, waiting to spark a civil war.


Ralph Northam @GovernorVA

We are all thankful that today passed without incident. The teams successfully de-escalated what could have been a volatile situation. I will continue to listen to the voices of Virginians, and will do everything in my power to keep our Commonwealth safe.

In other words, Northam plans to go through with his illegal, unconstitutional gun-grab regardless of the opposition by the law-abiding citizens of his state. When the confiscations begin is when the violence will occur and we can all depend the FNC (Fake News Complex) to run interference on behalf of the tyrant in Richmond. The citizens of Virginia, in response to Northam's push for confiscation, have begun circulating a recall petition which ultimately be ignored regardless of how many signatures are gathered. The Dems control the state government and will find reasons to discount the recall effort, likely by claiming the signatures are invalid, etc..

Another thing worth note about the rally was the absence of the ANTI-fa cowards, despite their posturing beforehand. This tweet, now deleted, shows big talk, but when it comes down to action, ANTI-fa only targets individuals that show an inability to fight back such as the elderly... like all bullies, they're cowards.

See you tomorrow, Fascists
We’ve spent the day at the range training to settle things tomorrow with you NAZIs. Once. And. For. All.
#IStandWithVirginia #FuckRacism #FuckFascism and #FuckYourConstitution  

Beware the Green Swan

Anyone that has been paying a modicum of attention to the world's economic situation know that a "correction" is imminent. The bankster-driven global economy is a house of cards built on smoke and mirrors (how's that for mixing metaphors?). If history has taught us anything about the banksters it's that they're experts at shifting the blame for situations that they've caused themselves. Now the culprit is--- are you ready for it--- manmade climate change. If we don't all pony up for a carbon tax the world is going to end... and it won't take 12 years as AOC claims. In a report written by Patrick Bolton of Columbia Univ. (that should tell you all you need to know) and several other "experts" climate change is the biggest challenge to bankers around the world. I'm not trying to argue the merits or otherwise about climate change, but tying it to banking is ridiculous on the very face of it should be obvious to any one with an IQ higher than Greta Thunberg this is just another excuse to tax the world into globalism.

 Climate change poses new challenges to central banks, regulators and supervisors... However, integrating climate-related risk analysis into financial stability monitoring is particularly challenging because of the radical uncertainty associated with a physical, social and economic phenomenon that is constantly changing and involves complex dynamics and chain reactions. Traditional backward-looking risk assessments and existing climate-economic models cannot anticipate accurately enough the form that climate-related risks will take. [Emphasis added]

Simply put, there is no way to determine how much, or even if, man has impacted the climate. History includes natural phenomena such as the Medieval Warming Period from roughly 900 AD until 1300 AD, and the Little Ice Age from the 1400's until the present and must therefore be eliminated as it doesn't conform to the narrative. The only statement I found to be true is: "But central banks alone cannot mitigate climate change."  The rest of the narrative is pretty much right out of the UN's Agenda 2030, but for banks... or more specifically, how central banks can help push the UN's sustainability (that scary word) goals.

 Central banks can therefore have an additional role to play in helping coordinate the measures to fight climate change. Those include climate mitigation policies such as carbon pricing, the integration of sustainability into financial practices and accounting frameworks, the search for appropriate policy mixes, and the development of new financial mechanisms at the international level. 

And the kicker:

 All these actions will be complex to coordinate and could have significant redistributive consequences that should be adequately handled, yet they are essential to preserve long-term financial (and price) stability in the age of climate change. 

How to use the climate change hysteria to redistribute wealth- from the pockets of the taxpayers into the pockets of the globalist bankers. If they can use the threat of a green swan event (the environmental equivalent of a black swan) to cause enough fear and hysteria it could turn out to be the biggest rip off in history since the advent of central banking and fractional reserve banking.

Impeachment Palooza

After the first couple of days of the Senate impeachment trial the Democrats have tipped their hand. The normal protocol is for the House of Representatives to investigate, gather witnesses and evidence (documents etc.) and present their case to the Senate for trial. The Democrats did almost none of this. Now they are submitting motion after motion calling on the Senate to gather the evidence that the House failed to collect. Now that the Senate is refusing to do the House's job for them, the Democrats are screaming "cover-up." This is their plan- to launch inquiry after inquiry- not to remove the president from office, but to keep him under investigation for the duration of his tenure in office. This is a blatant attempt to prevent him from doing the job the American people hired him to do. For President Trump's entire presidency the business of governing will play second fiddle to the Democrats attempt to undo the results of the 2016 election.

Knowing that they had no case against the president the Dems rushed the vote for impeachment to avoid having to go through the legal process- having to have their "evidence" examined by the federal court system and likely thrown out. What they're doing is unconstitutional (and they know it) and history will paint them in a very unfavorable light... but not as unfavorable as it would be to have their criminality exposed- and that goes for several Republicans as well. For decades countries such as Ukraine, Iran along with others have been used as a deep state slush fund. Foreign aid is recirculated through them and back into the coffers of the criminal cabal. The $150 billion that Obama sent to Iran came back through offshore accounts after Iran got their "cut." That's why no one of either party is anxious to have this investigated. Like a headline I read this morning indicated: "They're Trying to Hang the Only Innocent Man in Washington."

The impeachment isn't about removing Trump from office, it's about tying his hands to prevent him from exposing the criminality that has been business as usual in Washington for decades. If the Republicans fail to win back the House and keep a majority in the Senate these impeachment proceedings will likely go on for another five years- barring the Dems amassing enough voter fraud to win in 2020. 



It's nice to see and read how woke you are ;)
Do you know this video, concerning the climate agenda:

Haven't seen this one yet, thanks. Decaprio doesn't even have a high school diploma. Bill Nye has an engineering degree- Dolph Lundgren has a more scientific degree. It's true that CO2 is greening the earth, but that's great!

That's why we need to stop reducing the Co2 Levels... total Brainwash/Lie created
by the "Club of Rome"
Greetings Truth Warrior ;)

Thank you... the Club of Rome has been a favorite target of mine for some years now.

Nice target... did you hear about the "The Sovereign Military Order of Malta SMOM"?
Mentioned here, posted my another Truth Brother
I think they are higher in the ladder to satan , but not that known and
exposed... maybe you target them, too ;)

After reading that, I see a lot of misinformation. The Black Nobility came from Venice.

In 1776 Jacob Frank, Amschel Mayer Rothschild and Adam Weishaupt formed the Illuminati. Frank was the heir to Sabbateanism an offshoot of Judaism.

The Sabbatean/Frankists infiltrated Freemasonry, the Catholic Church (through Weishaupt & Jesuits) These are the basis of the Cabal. They're an offshoot of Judaism, not the Jesuits or Knights of Malta. What your friend has done is round up "all the usual suspects" and lumped them together under one banner... which to some extent is true. He did a good job, but got sidetracked. The Rothschilds are not Jesuits- they're crypto-Jews. Catholicism is a victim, not a perpetrator (we're seeing the culmination of the attack today with anti-pope Frankie). The Venetian Black Nobility moved to England which is now the "capital" of satanism on earth.

The "braintrust" is Tavistock Institute, funded largely by the Rothschilds (who founded MI-5 & MI-6 based on their own intel service). The City of London is the financial capital. The Vatican is the spiritual capital (until the 3rd temple is built) and Washington is the military capital. I could go on for another hour but I think you get the picture. I don't in any way mean to discredit your friend's work- he did an excellent job, he just got a couple of things wrong. That's my opinion based on decades of research... who knows, maybe he's right.

Wow... Rich, truly amazing, i heard the whole Webster Interview.
You know more, that's for sure. Even though i knew some
history of the Illuminati, the "Oligarchy" of the Venetian is a whole new puzzle piece to me.
Now check this, God really works in mysterious ways:
I am half Venetian, half German, born close to Frankfurt, where Amschel Meyer created
his "Red Shield", raised in Bavaria, where the Illuminati was formed... and my name and
surname means more or less Light Warrior ;)
Maybe i reincarnated to "clean up" my mess... God knows...
Thank you for this Info.

Glad to be of help. If we all work together maybe we can make a difference.

They were originally the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, then Hospitalers. After vacating the Holy Lands they went to Malta. When the Templars were disbanded they took them in and that was their biggest mistake.

So the Templars "dragged" them into "darkness"?

I don't know that dragged is the right word- perhaps coerced. I've read the history of the Hospitalers and have a lot of respect for them... up until the Templar influence.