Satoshi's treasure hunt. The street key and 100 STEEM bounty.

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The street key.

I'm sure that a lot of you have heard of Satoshi's treasure hunt before from some of our previous efforts. It's been going very well and i can say that the STEEM clan is right at the front of the pack as we chase down more new and exciting clues every week. This week I'm bringing to you the STEEM community, "The street key."

This one is going to be exceedingly simple and purpose built for the STEEM community. All we need to do is hit the streets and interview people about crypto and the Satoshi treasure hunt for quick twitter videos.

Myself and @prettynicevideo are putting up 100 STEEM bounty for people who will get involved to help us achieve this goal.

What we need..

What we need is very simple.

A short twitter video between 30s and 2m, interviewing a person on their crypto knowledge. (If you can get multiple people together in the video, even better)

You need to follow @Satoshistreasure on twitter. (Very important!!!).

Then ask....

  • Have you heard of crypto?

  • How about Bitcoin / STEEM?

  • Do you own any?

  • Have you heard about the Satoshi treasure hunt?

  • What do you think of it?

  • Would you be interested in competing for prizes in Crypto?

After that

Upload the video to twitter. Add the tags,

Add your Twitter ID and #steemclan in the video itself as well. ( Very important!!!)

Example here

Do you have moment to talk about our lord and savior Satoshi?#ststreetkey #satoshistreasure #steemclan #Steem

— रविंदर चावला (@d0ct0rcrypt0) July 18, 2019

To qualify for the bounty you will need to add a minimum of three videos. ( Very important!!!)

You need to resteem.( Very important!!!)

That is all that we ask from you to get part of 100 STEEM.

The deadline is 11:59pm EST on 29th, July, 2019. After that, the bounty will be divided up equally between the qualifying videos. Please link them into the comments.

The more videos that you upload the more STEEM that you will earn. If there are 100 legitimate videos following all of the rules and you posted 10 of them then you will earn 10 STEEM. If there are only 20 legitimate videos and you posted 10 of them then you will earn 50 STEEM.

It's all for a good cause so please get out there and post some videos. Just follow the rules and you could do very well from it. We are using this to spread the word about STEEM and have some fun chasing Satoshi's treasure.

Let's win this one for STEEM.

If you don't have twitter you can sent the videos to me on discord (niallon11#6392) and I will get them posted.

I'm hoping that you will all join in to help out.

So who is up for it?:





@niallon11 has set 100.000 STEEM bounty on this post!

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Happy Rewards Hunting!

Congratulations to the following winner(s) of the bounty!

I love it @dreemsteem. Knew you would jump into this key with a flourish. Great work on the videos.

Thought I was doing good with my 3 today and come over and see this. What the shit Dreemy?? BWAHAHAHAHAAA! Good stuff tho, I asked close to 2 dozen people and could only get 3, then just said fuck it. May try to get a few more tomorrow. How long is this going on @paulag & @niallon11?

It ends tonight I believe at midnight. (But not sure which time zone)

Most likely one that is already passed because I'm at the tail end of the day! Hehehe

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And you did AWESOME with your three!!! Hehehehe #steemclan rocks!!!

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I see you didn't put faces - I bet that was a huge kicker. Good job sweets!

You know people get nervous when you tell them you're putting it on the Internet hehehe so i just told them i won't show their faces! Voila! :)

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Heading to bed... Crazy early! Love you!!! Hehehe

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Love ya back miss lady, sleep well :hugging:

Pinging all the redfish and graduated from the redfish league - some easy steem to be earned here. We need a community show on this one. I know i can rely on some of you


@jamethiel and I sent our videos to you yesterday. Hope they help.

It is not loading with me yet. Believe I had a look at the post yesterday and I do not know what is asked/to do 😞

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Great event
I wish you all the best.
But recommend you don't using Twitter,
Because the event is held in the place of Twitter,
If person is helping to retweet too many times, he will be frozen!
the same activity, the officially event is to much, it will also be frozen
So Twitter is not suitable for events.

Wow that's the biggest bounty I have ever seen great!!

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Well you know what to do then. Get out there and post a few videos. Put the links in here and get your share of it.

I love this proposal, I am so sorry for being late, because in my country little is known about cryptocurrencies, although I only speak Spanish, so maybe the partition was not possible.

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No, I never heard of it and I am afraid that after I asked the first question the interview is over or already after I asked if I can make a video of them.

Hopefully you can get a few done anyway. Every video helps.

Hopefully the community joins to help.. Please dont forget to add your Twitter ID and #steemclan in the video as well ..

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Hopefully but we haven't gotten any posts so far on it.

ah, bummer :(

Great idea, super easy and a juicy prize

I have an un-replied to DM from @paulag nagging me about this :P

Personally, I can see @anomadsoul being good at street interviews - no clue where he is at present though!

Listen here to me now.

You won't be safe to ever set foot in Ireland if you don't upload a couple of videos. If @paulag doesn't get you I will. :D

Grab a couple of random people from the pub there and chat away to them like a good lad. Then throw them up in twitter.

It's not my thing, not Ireland, the interviewing of strangers.

I'm likely to get punched in Nottingham, this was a task for holiday resort me :/

Does this mean Ireland is on the books? Since you're almost just a stone's throw away...

That's a risk I'm willing take. 😂

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@niallon11, Good one and it's really appreciable initiative. Keep up the good work and definitely it will going to add effective value for Steem on Twitter. Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

In your After that chapter there is a spelling error :D

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Where. I'm not seeing it.

After that

Upload the video to twitter. Add the tags,

Is it meant to go to @toshistreasure ?

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It actually is meant to be that way.

Now I need you to do me a big favour and upload three interviews to twitter so we can get this key. Just add the links here and you might get 100 STEEM if nobody else does it. It can just be friends and family once it's outside so it looks like the street.

I dont know anyone who has crypto x) and its 2 am here, so its not gonna be today xD

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You have until monday to get the videos up.

They don't need to be steem users. Anybody will do once the videos follow the few rules above. It's about spreading awareness, they don't need to be involved already.

Just confused about the steemit user noget having anything, not even 1 sp

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Also i clicked on @satoshistreasure and @toshistreasure both say page doent exist??? Whats up

GodSpeed ! :) 💙 ♬

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Join us. The hunt is great fun and if you upload a couple of videos you will be helping us and helping STEEM. Then you can earn some as well.

I'm not very good in making video online but I'll share this post on my social media too.

100 steem bounty is a great gift to share but nobody else is getting if nobody comment is being vote by the post owner.

Each bounty will be divide base on how high the percentage given for each vote.

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I think you should give it a try anyway. Uploading to twitter is easy as it can be done straight from the phone and cropped to a good length. All you need is at least 3 interviews to take a share of the prize.

I'll think about it 😅😅

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Another perfect sharing from steem bounty. Thank you for your valuable help to steemit users

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I must run with my camera to find my great treasure.

I found out too late about this treasure, competing for 100 steem does not dislike anyone, luck for those who could record their three videos.

You still have 2 hours.

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It's too late... But next time I sign up!

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It another way yo make known thesteemi platform the world of Crypto and increase the numbers of newbies. Great one. Is there a deadline to do this?

The deadline is 11:59pm EST on 29th, July, 2019. So you have three days to get the videos posted. It's a fun way to meet some people, talk about crypto and steem and earn part of the prize.
Win - Win.

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oh @samest I do hope you take part!!!!

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Big risk man
Nigerians ain't looking at ya face when it comes to cryptos

It can be a few friends if you like. Once it's outside and follows the rules above i don't mind about who you chat with. We just need the numbers for it.

An impressive, valuable and juicy contest.
Needless to say good luck to all those who are participating and making known the fantastic krypton world

I would like someone to interview me and say everything I think and feel about cryptos, how they changed my life, how I got to them, and how I helped my mother survive in Venezuela with Steem.
I won the treasure the day I arrived at Steemit.

Hello dear friend here in Venezuela the crypto world is sounded but the one who has knowledge of it is very reserved it is not easy to perform that type of interview but I would love a piece of that delicious steem cake with bitcoin syrup a big hug from Venezuela.

Hi, @niallon11!

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Oh dear, 3m is too small for an informative video capturing more than ome oersons point pf view. I do apologize if mine is too long. But I coukdnt sacrifice the priject and its informational purpose. Just couldnt. Im sorry. But, i did do a cool video. It will be up loaded shortly to dtube and ill share to twitter once one! It was a fun project. Much respect

What another group has done is edit ten interviews into a youtube video and posted that to twitter with the tags. The hunt has never been too strict on these before so should be fine. How many people did you get?

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