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Screen capture of the drafting interface on

After looking at some of the newly posted articles, I found that many people still use only 5 tags. Although these articles can completely use other tags.
Using multiple tags and the right topic will help the post reach many and the right audience and avoid spam tag reviews.It also means that your post can get more upvotes and more rewards.

I don't know if has a notification, but 3 days ago I was writing an article. And when I accidentally added a 6th card but still didn't see the same error as previous times, I tried more cards. Incidentally, a maximum of 8 tags instead of 5 as before.
This is a great thing, I had to choose very difficult tags before because it was limited, but with 8 tags I felt quite comfortable.

However, now I write on "steempeak" so I can use up to 10 cards. And if on "steepshot" there are probably infinite tags (I don't know, because I can't use the app yet). But much is not necessarily good. I am satisfied with 10 limit tags and if possible add I will create 1 or 2 separate tags for myself. Isn't that great? But my steepshot doesn't work. So bad. so bad

This is just for you, if you haven't already noticed :) Take welcome the new limit and assign appropriate tags to your posts so you can reach more people!

Wish you success

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    Thanks i didn't know you can use eight now i was still just using five.

    If you need to use more tags. You can try in a new post or edit an old one. In fact, on (I mean not on the page or app third ) can use up to 9 tags. :)
    Thank you for stopping here & have a great weekend!

    Thanks i didn't know
    You can use eight now i was
    Still just using five.

                     - forester-joe

    I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

    I'm still using 5 tags until know your post, thank you @haccolong!

    I use Steampeak and it's good that Steemit allows now 8 tags (haven't noticed).
    Was wondering which app they use for more than 10 tags... ;)

    With You can use more than 10 cards. In fact, I see many people spam the card too much, maybe it's not good to be abused because people find it in some tag but the content is not relevant, it can be underestimated..
    Thanks for stopping @trayan !