Finding CIA Agents In Unexpected Places

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Of all the places where you might expect to find CIA agents lurking, the most common locations are likely to be diners and coffee shops according to former operatives.

They claim to work out of coffee shops and restaurants often and allege that these locations are considered to be the lifeblood of espionage because they give the perfect opportunity to meet people who they believe can provide valuable information to them. It's easy to causally and secretly bump into someone at one of these venues.

Some of their favorite spots to visit?

Apparently Panera, Starbucks, and McDonald's are more likely to make the cut because of the similar layout of the restaurants that they often have and because they are open late.

According to one former spy, A. Fox, she says that one of her CIA instructors used Starbucks gift cards as a means to arrange meetings with students, telling them that if they needed to meet all they needed to do was buy a coffee. Once it was noticed that the gift card had been depleted of funds it would be known that a meeting was needed.

It's also known that agencies like the CIA have spent millions of dollars on hosting fake bait conferences as well, in an effort to persuade intellectuals to assist them and potentially defect from other countries. It is alleged that the fake bait conferences that they have put on and funded have essentially been taking place at college campuses that are located all around the United States.

To some, the CIA is a valuable intelligence agency that helps to keep us safe from legitimate security threats. To some others, it could be construed as a corrupt form of secret government that has arguably gotten out of control for some time now. Their history of torture practices are just the beginning of the problem. It's an agency that has the power to, and has on occasion, undermined the "rule of law" that we're told is supposed to be there for safety, regulated by checks and balances that ensure no organization will be able to skirt the rules. This is an organization that has been responsible for killing or torturing innocent individuals, in the name of safety. The potential for corruption that exists with this organization though isn't so comforting. It is easy to see how these actions of harming innocent people might fuel hatred and in-turn make people in the United States less safe as a result.


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I was just refreshing my memory on Howard Hunts taped so called confession this morning speaking of rogue agencies

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The more dangerous the place, the safest is the place in away.
Least expected.

i like the way you think

Very interesting. I'm going to have to keep an eye out for secret squirrels now. :P


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