Creative Coin Burn Extravaganza!

in #palnet2 years ago

We have created several burn cases to support the Creative Coin economy.

What does this mean and why are you doing it???

Well, you see, we have some pesky CCC laying around that we need to get rid of!

  1. We just burned 42,000,000 CCC from our sell wall, because we can.

  2. The main Creative Coin account will be making daily burn posts that will simultaneosly promote users and burn the Creative Coin posting and curation rewards.

  3. We will also be taking the steem payout of our daily posts and purchasing CCC to burn. So when you upvote these posts not only are you receiving curation rewards, but you're helping to raise the amount of CCC burned.

  4. You can burn CCC to promote your post on the front end - when you send CCC to @null with your post link in the memo field, then your post will appear as promoted and those tokens are permanently removed from the supply.

  5. "Soon" can also burn CCC to create Custom Badges on Nitrous!

Thank you so much for your support of CCC and! we have a ton of new ideas in the works, to take the platform up a few notches!



Upvoted for extra Burn Power

This is why we are friends. ♥

just a small question, if you are burning your sell wall, then why create so many coins in the first place??

and if the sell wall is still there then this will not change anything in the price so why do it?


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Could someone please tell me if the upcoming change to the "5 minute" upvote window will also apply to the Creative Coin Tribe, or will the Tribe have its own rule? Thanks!

I believe that change will also apply to all tribes

Thank you very much! I really appreciate it!

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