My first video about Steemit - Made more than 2 years ago. ☺

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Oh my god, this video was made right away in the first day when I joined steem. I still remmeber when @robert-call sent me 20 steem as a tip for this video. He is not active now, but it seems that he was so passionate about steem.

I wasn't that good recording videos, but after learning so much about steem on youtube, I just joined and recorded a video right away.

Thanks to the new version of @dtube for allowing now to promote youtube links on it.

That's really funny to watch our old videos. lol ☺

This is what I write in the discription of that video :

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You can earn steem, convert is into bitcoin and than in dollars, as you know bitcoin now is very expencive surrency and it will cost more than 3000 $ !

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And now I interviewed more than 100 steemians and I keep being active here what ever happen.

Steem community is strong and that's what make us all active here.

Enjoy watching my first video ever about steem. ☺

It's recorded in 25 may 2017 the day when I joined here.

You're welcome to join @dcooperation , the community to collaborate.

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Greetings, clixmoney

Excelente man. Nice and good "memory video"

thank you for share with us!

You're very welcome.

Yeah sometimes watching our old videos make us feel better. ☺

Good times to look back on. You're much better now, though. Lol!

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Of course, I was like I don't know who lol I'm glad I improved. lol I wasn't even confident talking lol ☺