Earn more with DTUBE ! - DTUBE & STEEM & PAL COINS ! - How to claim a dtube account !

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I'm really excited today to share with you the updates of @dtube.

Now we can earn from our videos not only steem, but dtube coin and pal coin if we use the tag #palnet.

We can also not only upload videos but share our youtube videos as well.

So, I recorded a good tutorial about how to claim a dtube account.

First of all you will need to login to d.tube with your steem name and posting key.

Then you will have such message, so click on ''Claim now'' :

After that you will be able to save your keys, both the public one and the private one :

Don't forget that you can save the keys in your disk by saving a texte file.

After clicking next, you will have the verification step and that's to link both steem and dtube accounts.

So, click open steemconnect to do so.

Don't worry that will not affect your steem account anyhow, it's just an interaction of two blockchains.

You will have something like this :

Then click confirm :

Then save and login.

Enjoy being a dtuber. ☺

You're welcome to join @dcooperation , the community to collaborate.

Subscribe to my youtube channel here to watch my interviews

Read the white paper of @dcooperation here : DCooperation's white paper !

Check the new project we're starting with community leaders here : Our Steem Network

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Good video about new dtube!


it could be so nice if your UPLOADS will run ... Most times it went crazy and didnt finish it... so no DTUBE anymore...

they just updated everything today. I'm uploading videos daily for more than a year. There is always a solution if you really want to upload a video. Usually I just used incognito mode or private more in the browser and it always worked. Sometimes I was just changing the browser.

Now you don't have to do anything, just open the website on any browser and upload your videos. In case you have a problem uploading a video, you just share your youtube link and earn all those coins.

ah there we are im not using YOUTUBE .... i tried always toi upl,oad directly on DTUBE and believe me sometimes i tried it 10-20 times and im tired.,... I got told so often they changed and fixed it... and then im holding this line again and no its not on my fu**ing internet connection :D

It's really strange, please join the main dtube server and ask for help there, they are always people who can help with that : https://discord.gg/HzSsm9S

Trust me , I also had hard time uploading, but with the help with developers there and good members , I always solve it. Now they are checking all those bugs happening, sometimes when I couldn't upload, i just try the next day.

Yeah, I think they still have problems. I have tried twice today to claim my username, waiting in excess of the "up to 2 minutes" each time.

And it's an ever-spinning dot circle of "please wait" :(

Try tomorrow maybe the issue will be solved. We are all in the building stage, so I think we should be patient. You can always join the discord server, a lot of helpful people are there : https://discord.gg/HzSsm9S


▶️ DTube

What's that ?

Woah... Dtube must have been broken :/ I don't even remember what I wanted to post though.. Keep it up and maybe try working on the umm... and uhhh... pauses. Still a great vid to show off the new update :)


yep, most of the time I have had problems but it seems that the videos are running a little better. maybe it is time to give it a tried. the truth is that everyone is trying to move away from the 2nd generation media like YouTube or Facebook, but this has to work. most of the time it does not work.

Just give it a try, I hope it will work for you.

Thanks for this! Very clear instructions and I now have a dtube account! :)

That's great. I'm glad you liked the tutorial. ☺

Going to do that tonight. :)

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Great. I think today a lot of steemians will do the same. ☺

The most beautiful part, you can accumulate 3 tokens with the new DTube version!

Telling me my key is wrong after finishing the process.

Please join the discord server and wirte about your issue in help channel. There are a lot of people who can help you with that. https://discord.gg/HzSsm9S

Thank you, I did. Nobody has been able to solve the problem tho.

No success on iPad. I’ll have to try to claim at work tomorrow.

Yeah, try that in windows, maybe it will work.

I really hope I can make it this time!
I have tried numerous times to upload a dtube video but could not even sign in .. I will give it a go and lets see what comes out of it :)
Thanks @clixmoney :))

You're welcome. ☺

Absolutely a wonderful video. I could tell that you have so much energy and excitement. Thank you for sharing.

You're very welcome. Thanks for commenting. ☺