Me singing on the scene for the first and only time ☺ ♪ ♫

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It was few years ago, I dreamed to sing on the scene all my life and finally in the 27 year old my dream came true ☺

I'm glad we can share now on dtube our videos from youtube.

Now I'm 34 years old and I enjoy listening to myself. lol

I dreamed all my life to be a singer, but sometimes life dictates its rules.

But I will buy a pc very soon and I think I will start to make my own music. Of course I will share that here as well.

I really love music.

Here is the original video of this song :

The title : ''Joe Dassin - Et Si Tu N'Existais Pas 1975''

Joe Dassin is a very famous French singer.

I remember that it took me about a month to train and I finally did it. ☺

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Haha awesome! Singing on stage is something that can be very hard to do, especially in front of a crowd that big! Such an awesome job!

We may not become singing stars but we will become stars that can sing.

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Yeah, you see me singing there out loud, but I was so nervious and when I just started I couldn't sing, that's why they understand that I'm kind of in shock and they started the music again, only after that I could start singing. That was a great experience for me. ☺

Wow. Very impressive.
Thanks for sharing.

You should definitely keep on singing and your dream. It is never too late.
I also love, love singing.

Yeah, I hope I will make it. You are right, it's never too late, I know musicians that start their career in late age and they did well after that. I have now a little kid and when he will grow up a bit, for sure I will have more time and resources to improve my singing. ☺

Dreans should become real life! Steem on!

Thanks a lot. ☺

You're a good singer Clix. Do u speak French?

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Thanks, yeah, I speak French as well. Merci. ☺ Do you speak it ?

Nice go friend :)

Thanks dude. ☺