How to make vegan ice cream !

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In the video I show how to make vegan ice cream.

For that you need :

  • Frozen banana.
  • Frozen strawberry.
  • Oat milk.
  • Vanilla powder.

Mix everything in a blender.

In case it is difficult to blend, mix it with a spoon or add some more milk.

And the ice cream is ready.

It's really tasty, sweet and healthy.

Ice cream without sugar.

Enjoy the recipe.

Thanks for watching the video and reading the post. ☺

I think @alphasteem and @mrchef111 will be interested in watching the video, because it's related to cooking.

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Dude banana nice cream is the best thing ever!

Yeah, I never thought before that we can make ice cream from banana. lol Thanks to my wife @steemitbaby , she is the one who is explainng me everything about the vegan world. ☺

I love seeing your recent content and recipes.

It's great getting to know more about you and your day to day exploits!

Thanks a lot. I will record more recipe from now.

Leaving with a vegan wife is great, so many tasty food she cooks but she doesn't like to record videos.

So, I decided to record everything she prepares, because it's really a great content. ☺

Huh... I was specting something more difficult...

I'll be trying tomorrow when I go out from work!

Thanks for sharing and greetings from Mexico.

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You're very welcome from Russia.

You'll sure like it. Thanks. ☺

I loooooooove banana + strawberry nice cream!

Thanks. ☺

All good my friend! I love seeing more vegan stuff on the block chain!

That's great, you can also watch my wife @steemitbaby , she recorded some good videos about veganism.

Right on! Just followed you both :D I saw one of her videos the other day