Mixed Media Resin Art: YAP #28 (Video)

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Watch this video on carolinepurcell.com

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I enjoyed watching the process, it looks like fun, the finished product I am not so sure of, I am unsure what it represents except for personal enjoyment, which after all what art is about, and the interpretation is left up to the audience. I personally like art work to be representative of something that allows the audience to go on a journey, I guess this sort of does that, but for me holds no meaning except an somewhat aesthetic one.

I am a fan of process though :)

Thank you so much for this detailed response!

You are right; the work doesn't represent anything, has no deeper meaning. I do this for fun, because I like the colors and the sparkle, and it relaxes me. However, I DID TAKE YOU on a journey and made you think, and even write a comment. Mission accomplished, wouldn't you say?

As to the "somewhat aesthetic" quality of the work, it's a girly thing, but you're in good company. My hubby doesn't much like the ritzy-glitzy-glassy stuff on some of my pictures, either. Not one to mince words, he calls it "gaudy" and I call him a grump. So thanks for your diplomatic and courteous turn of phrase ;-)

#awesomediycontent great dtube video we can really see your progress as the artwork progresses. Nice work!

Thanks - glad you enjoyed it :)

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