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We all know about a keto diet for epilepsy
and a low carb diet to deter Alzheimer's...

But have you heard of the other neurological benefits of a LCHF diet (especially, imo, when a whole foods paleo diet)?

My personal story is a great example, but research exists to make it not just another anecdote. I was diagnosed in 1990 with Aspergers (high functioning autism), what they now call autism spectrum disorder, or what the kids in the 60s called "retarded!", even though I was reading at near college level by six years old. It came with severe OCD and what looks like (in retrospect) ADD. I eventually learned to mimic normal human behavior pretty well, but the symptoms have derailed my life over and over and eventually ruined all my relationships and left me chronically under-employed.

Six weeks into the diet my (ex) wife said, "You don't seem nearly so OCD anymore."

Within the year I found myself responding to a whole host of emotions that previously I knew I had to box up or they would have overwhelmed me (I think it's a myth that aspies can't feel empathy, it's more that we don't dare to). Even more dramatic, the three times I fell off the diet over the last two decades, all those symptoms came right back.

A myriad of other stories exist, and science is catching up with common knowledge.

Here is an article on developmental delays in mice and low carb diet, but again, there are many such neurological results. I keep trying to get my brother on a keto diet because he has an autoimmune degenerative paralysis, but since he is under constant doctor's care, he eats almost nothing but processed grains. It's sad.


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Agree unequivocally 100%.

I can see the difference every day in my daughter who is diagnosed with having serious ASD. Since going on LCHF diet, she is conversing more, speaking better and more clearly, her writing has improved. She plays better with other kids.

Even my son, my wife and myself have issues with OCD and other ASD like things. I can see us improving as well.

There is no doubt in my mind that LCHF has massive benefit for people with neurological ‘problems’.

Good job!!!
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Great! Thanks! I should be putting one of these out most days.

I hope your brother becomes more receptive, maybe you could go through a proxy.

He is receptive, I think (he doesn't respond well), but his nutritionist is not.

I don't really know if it would help, but letting him lay in bed for these last 20 years hasn't helped either. Don't get me started...

I rarely do this @baerdric, but please, please please send your brother the link to a documentary that I made.

I have used a ketogenic/Paleo eating lifestyle to put a neurological condition called Multiple Sclerosis into remission. I also eat cannabis every single day. My last attack was in 2007. Then I changed how and what I ate and I have been symptom free for 10 years!!!! Prior to that I had mobility issues and lost my eyesight. If your brother wants help and is willing to try, I will freely volunteer my services to help. I "pay it forward" every single day.

Unfortunately he is mostly unresponsive at this point, and has been for a couple of years. And his doctors through my sister have already firmly rejected hearing from me again. The last time I was able to talk to him, he simply said that he is following his doctors advice. I guess I have to respect that. But thank you for caring.

Well, my offer will always be open, if the situation should every change.
Keep doing what you are doing, because it works!

I've done everything through nutritionally dense eating and intermittent fasting. I have never taken any pharmaceutical drugs.
It is my opinion that All autoimmune diseases including cancer, start with a gut lining that has been damaged.

I'm seeing more and more people come to that conclusion. I was convinced before I even turned to LCHF, but at the time there was no real science behind it. I have always thought of us as a community organism and lamented that they took my appendix out because I considered it crucial for holding a reserve of bacteria for my gut. Any proficient organic gardener sees this community in their garden and it is a short leap to finding it in your body; gut, blood, skin and hair.

Living in a sterile environment and not getting enough natural sunlight exposure is part of the problem for too.
We need the correct mix of gut flora or microbiome in our bodies.
We need to eat more dirt! It's funny but I'm not kidding.
We also have to stop slathering our skin in sunscreen, so that our skin can produce vitamin D.
(I own a skincare company and I stopped making sunscreen about 6 years ago and using it because it is toxic. What does that tell you?)

I'll just throw in a word for the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet here too. It's whole foods, starch free, designed for gut healing (with probiotics and broths). Very like a std Paleo diet, except no sweet potatoes or others starches, but can have navy beans and some dairy (conditions apply).

It's also very good for autoimmune issues and aspergers / autism / ADD etc. Although many people do it LCHF, it doesn't need to be.

As you, me and @triddin have all said and will no doubt keep saying - there are a variety of slightly different therapeutic diets, but the basis of them all is real food. And most of the best also limit the carbs. Each person just needs to find their own best variant.

For anyone who wants to read more about GAPS, here are my previous articles:
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