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Meet Ryu Hayabusa, he’s a Class S Ninja!

I wonder how they do the ninja rating classification, is it based on confirmed kill, number of successful missions or something else? Though it would be funny if the people who hire these assassins write and tally up reviews of these ninjas’ performances, after all it would implicate them for ordering violence, doesn’t it? Hehehe.

He is the protagonist of Ninja Gaiden, an action game series where we play this super skilled ninja and makes him expertly chops his enemies to bits. That’s how it supposed to be anyhow, but most of the times my ninja moved very clumsily and he required a few attempts to defeat the difficult bosses. I like these games, sometimes they get frustrating but when everything clicks, it’s so goooooodd.

Chibi Ryu Hayabusa
Ninja Gaiden is copyrighted by Tecmo and Team Ninja. Fanart made by @scrawly.
All Rights Reserved

Drawing step by step

Status: New illustration


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Oooh Ninja Gaiden. I played the one on the NES when I was a naive kid who thought everything was a cheerful walk in the park. I didn't beat the game, it beat me. But I liked it anyway. Not sure about the 3d ones, though, I've never played them.

I see you've been doing chibi game characters, which are pretty awesome, and cute. ^^


I've only found out about the NES games from Wiki, are they also action hack and slash games? Whichever genre they are, I bet it's difficult because it's Ninja Gaiden lol.

I like drawing chibi, they're cute and adorable :D.


It's a side-scrolling action platformer. With annoying birds and stuff. So it's a lot different than the 3D action hack and slash. I'd love to see more of your cute chibi arts, scrawly, if you're going to make more of course.


More chibi will be made :D.

I don't remember annoying bird, but in the game that I played, there were some pretty annoying archers. Maybe they're not that different haha.

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Thank you Felix the Iron :D.


<<<<3333!!!!~ Proszę o moje kulfonusha!!!!~ <<<<3333!!!!~

So awesome! He's one of my favorites heroes/protagonists. I played the nes ones and the new 1 and 2 on xbox and 360. Loved them. Specially 2nd one. I was so into it I wanted to get all the trophies you earned when playing with just one weapon through the entire game. I made dragon sword, twin swords, lunar staff and was on my way to do the tonfas when I met Dark Souls and it consumed me to the verybone for years hahah. Also his design for the 3D games is super かっこういい! You captured it neatly.


Hehehe he is indeed kakkoii, which makes it nicer when I can play him well. I only played the 360 version because at that time I had a lot of free time and I don't mind getting some tough loves from my games lol. I really like that all the weapons behave differently, though I'm not hardcore enough to play the game with just one weapon. You're really dedicated! :D

Your watercolour chibis look so different from the non-watercolour chibis XD Can't really go wrong with the classic ninja against the moon shots though, and I'm totally biased loving this because I love blues XP


Hehehe is that so? I haven't really compared them myself.

And yep, in the beginning there was no moon but the picture didn't look complete so I had to give him one to make his ninja style increases. It's nice that it works out, some of my pictures don't work well when I give them a last minute addition.

I remember you like purple but I didn't know that you like blue as well XD.

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Thank you archdruid :D.

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Thank you :).

Love him ! The game was super super super fun * ____ * I love using the big ass scythe and just mow down enemies like new grass to be cut AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :D :D :D

Another serious chibber from you, @scrawly ! They are really cute and they are the best XD

That moon behind him really adds to the 'ninjaness' of this piece <3 Very cool piece <3 <3 <3


Oh yeah, that stair scene with the scythe is really really awesome. I feel like I was the main hero of an action movie when it happened.

I like making serious chibi, there's something about them that just make me cackle inside.

Thanks spider :D.


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Thank you helpie and niallon :).

That ninja seem to be more amusing than dangerous but then again, never judge the book for its cover. 😃


I gave him a chibi form, so he's not really dangerous looking. If you look up his name, he's usually portrayed as pretty badass ninja, but I prefer it this way lol.

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Wow!! I don't believe, That you know this game!? I am glad you know this game!👏
I played a little NES version of this game a about 15 years ago!
Yeah, He is a ninja but his movements are very clumsy…You are not bad, Perhaps everyone struggles with clumsy ninja operations…of course me too🤣
My nostalgic memories have come back, Thank you for your Nice art!!

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I only played Ninja Gaiden II, the one that was released on Xbox 360. It is a difficult game, so no wonder our ninjas are all clumsy hahaha. In the cutscenes, he really looks like he knows what he's doing, not so much when he's controlled by me lol.


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