Still painting!

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I have been riding a magnificent wave for some time now. A creative wave.

One of my companions is a new painting, as I have mentioned in my last post, and today, I can show you a glimpse, thanks to my most persistent paparazzi. 

Sabina Nore painting

Here are a couple more impressions:

Drying the brushes
Drying the brushes.

Gynostemma pentaphyllum
Gynostemma pentaphyllum, also known as "immortality herb"

By the way, you may also be interested in perusing my art blog.

~ Thank you for reading & enjoy your summer! ~

Sabina Nore

Sabina Nore

love to see you while painting "

There were many more photos, but mostly showing the painting as well. As I am not yet ready to show it, this photo was perfect. :)

When Sabina is creating, she moves to a parallel dimension, is that what the photographer meant to tell us?

Well, I am not sure what the photographer meant to tell, but your suggestion sounds perfectly plausible.

"Rubs hands together in expectation"

aaah looking forward to see the artwork, @anibas :> and the immortality herb is looking very healthy and beautiful !

I would need some of that immortality herb - I have so much to do and stuff sitting on the back burner ....... and it connects with this:
I had a bit of an emotional episode when I found out a artist friend from Australia passed away. My current profile on Facebook was not connected, so I got nothing in the newsfedd, just found out about by searching because I was updating his page on the VAG GRAEME WILLIAM BALCHIN
4 years younger than me. And he painted till the last moment!

A true artist until the last breath...

I'll give you some of the immortality herb!
I anyway still owe you a lunch. :)

painting is really a great activity to get involve in... it is a tool to present inner thoughts on canvas...

Yes, painting can be lots of things. What kind of tool it is, and what it shows, depends on the artist, and their choices.

Do you think "Painting" is God Gifted quality or a person can achieve through hardwork?

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