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2 drawings by Sabina Nore

I’ve been hyper-creative these last weeks. There are some new drawings, I am working on a novel, and also on a painting! Today, I will show you a couple of drawings I did some weeks ago, before I immersed myself in the writing and the painting.

2 drawings by Sabina Nore

2 drawings, July 2018, © Sabina Nore

Here is some background music, from which I have also borrowed the title for this post:

Hidden in the TV series “Westworld“, you’ll find a recommendation for a non-fictional book. Deep in that book, you will find a world. Depending on one’s current beliefs, inside that world, everything may fall apart, collapse, but also open up. What may initially be perceived as a harsh disillusionment, or a  rude awakening, is in reality the precursor to the removal of all boundaries.


Great. It is good to awaken the questioning with this piece. The motivation to seek. Makes me think too

maybe a gigantic potential (or burden) floating by the power of your spirit ... maybe also communicating you are much stronger and bigger than that. The sharp edges and the fueling peak, calling you for focus to ascend.

in the first one I see a bird on it´s back looking up into the sky not realising it´s actually lying on a cloud, daydreaming at dusk, thinking of the transition from day to night.

That sounds so sweet. My first impulse was to create a new drawing, a cartoon, this time inspired by your text, but I have to be careful not to get carried away. At the moment, I have more than enough (or possibly too much) on my plate, and need to finish some of the things I started before I can allow myself to begin anything new.

keep going!

I am!
I was invited to a party tonight, with lots of new as well as familiar faces. Instead, I am in an overheated attic, painting.
One can hardly be more dedicated than that! :)

what does it mean ..... could mean many things (btw, love the music) .....
Pyramids: decades ago, the coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL hockey) Red Kelly placed pyramids under the players benches.
Pyramid power (do check it out) - in those days, everyone was into it. It was supposed to put them on the winning track. Wasn't working. They lost the deciding game 7. As a fan, I am waiting now for 50 years for them to win the cup.
..... and it didn't keep my razor blades sharp either ........

I love this species. :)

But... even if he believed that, I still don't get it.
Why did he put it under the players' benches? After all, the scoring part doesn't happen while resting and watching the game, but elsewhere.

Only approved equipment allowed on the ice (the goalie is allowed a water bottle he keeps on top of the net). Can't hang a pyramid around their neck, lol. Shifts change less than a minute, so with 3 lines, nobody sits down for longer than 2 or 3 minutes to catch their breath, hydrate and "tank up" on pyramid power.

beautiful !, i love the second one more ,

Thanks Adele. I think I did too, at first, but meanwhile I rather think of them as one drawing, merely on two pieces of paper.

"What does this mean ?"

The first drawing symbolizes the comfort and the innocence in which we grow and build what we are.

The second drawing symbolizes the roughness when we encounter another (very close) one, and when we have to lose some parts of what we were to fit together.
We also undergo cracks, or maybe tears, in our persons.

But, just at the surface of that encounter (at its perfection, at the most successful matching), there, there's the possibility of a kind of a perfect glide. Maybe as soft as the softness in which we had grown.

Based on that new fruitful softness, we can then build a third person : "us". Or whatever will happen from that "us".

Thank you for answering, Chris, and offering your insights!

The inverted pyramid being held aloft or is it landing in a stream of concentrated energy? Either way I love it. Sometime enticing about it.

So, in that series westworld is a book suggestion? What is the book?

A novel ! Wow that is ambitious, can't wait to hear and see more about that.

What exactly is happening in these drawings is for you to decide.
See, already your question may inspire someone to discover a new possibility of interpreting the drawing!

Thanks Donna.

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

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I stalked followed you home to say hi and to shamelessly and unabashedly promote my latest post https://steemit.com/story/@joe.nobel/interlude-3-00-am (Careful, erotically graphic.)

BTW your drawing is great. Kind of reminds me of the freaky Masonic symbology on the dollar; and the cloud underneath tells me it's an explosion. AKA the end of the world as we know it. Welcome, the new world order.

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