The Vatican - Vatican City, Italy

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When deciding on a cover image proves impossible, feature the brightest one first followed immediately by a second equally extravagant cover image—welcome to the Vatican. Located inside the walls of Rome’s city center lies a smaller walled off settlement of Italy. Encompassed by a 39 foot tall wall is an independent city-state that’s protected on every corner by assault rifle toting military servicemen and servicewomen in fatigues, with only one way in, one way out, and airport grade security screening—Vatican City, the smallest country in the world.


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The cover image is called Musei Vaticani, one of four corridor ceilings at the main entrance of the Vatican, painted by Michaelangelo and completed in the year, 1499—a centered picture of the same painting is featured a little later in this article, followed immediately by his critically acclaimed sculpture, Pietà. The second cover image is the striking appearance of the Vatican as it appears today after nearly 2,000 years since its original construction began—40 AD.

The remaining ceilings you’re about to see, the ones not painted by Michaelangelo are gold. You read that right, “gold.” My plan is to steadily build up this Roman series of articles for you until I have just one left, the finale. At that point, I’ll reflect on each of them and go into greater detail about the iconic structures lining the streets of Rome as well as this luxurious structure and its 24kt gold plated ceilings but, for now, just know the images you’re about to see are not paint—that’s the precious metal lined ceiling inside the Vatican at heights between 68 and 120 feet.

Vatican City—built on top of St. Peter’s Basilica required a team of architects including, amongst others, Michaelangelo di Lodovico, Buonarroti Simoni (known as Michaelengelo), and Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Some of the most appreciated paintings inside the Vatican were commsioned by Italian painter, Caravaggio. Other highly anticipated #art inside the Vatican were commissioned by Michaelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Raphael (Rafello Sanzio)—the brilliant Italian painter who died at the young age of 37 who is since recognized as the “supreme High Renaissance painter” and argued to be more versatile than all of the other artists responsible for the masterpieces on display inside the Vatican.

The sculptures outside the Vatican, as well as those found inside, lining the walls both high and low, up and down each corridor, have a team of artists responsible for their creation. Those artists include, but not limited to, Giovanni Antonio Campani, who’s responsible for sculpting the “fainted” Cleopatra. Athens, Greece sculptor, Leochares, who’s marble sculptures include The Greek God Apollo, The Diana of Versailles, and the highly celebrated sculpture of Apollo Belvedere. Colonna Venus, an ancient sculpture of the lost Aphrodite of Cnidus, was commissioned by 4th Century BC Greek artist, Praxiteles, who is also the very first artist in #history to sculpt a life-size nude female. The list of world renowned artists whose sculptures are currently on display inside the Vatican is extensive—click here for a complete list of all who are responsible.

The final piece of art I’d like to bring to your attention, also pictured in this article, is St. Peter’s Baldachin, a 94 foot tall bronze sculpture, commissioned by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in the mid-17th century. When I first saw the sculpture, I thought it was a fine piece of rare wood. It wasn’t until I began researching this article I was made aware it’s actually made of bronze. The sculpture is roped off and monitored by Vatican security with people all around it taking pictures while admiring its brilliance. I watched as a couple of people were granted access to the structure so I approached security and asked them if I could get a closer look. I was asked my purpose for approaching the sculpture to which I responded “I want a better picture” and was denied—apparently that’s the wrong response.

St. Peter’s Baldachin rests at the far end of the Vatican and draws your attention immediately upon entering the multi-century old Catholic Church draws an estimated six million tourists per year. In comparison to other world famous attractions nearby such as the Colosseum, drawing an estimated four million tourists annually, and Trevi Fountain, drawing nearly seven million tourists annually, St. Peter’s Baldachin is one of the most highly sought after tourist attractions in all of Italy.

The official picture tour of this article has begun. Stay tuned as @puravidaville and I continue sharing our remaining two week tour of Rome, Italy, with you—thanks for following along and enjoy the show!

The Vatican - Vatican City, Italy



























































The extravagant opulence is baffling isn’t it? Thank you for sharing this crazy life with me @dandays. There’s nobody else I’d rather discover and contemplate with. 😘

Extravagant opulence is a baffling description.

My pleasure, I understand how blessed we are to be in this position and have an even deeper understanding it can all be taken away just as easily. Thank you accepting the invitation to ride it out with me.

iheartu all the time beautifulest.

Love always,
The Luckiest Guy I Know

Did you really just sign off with a “love always”, twice, to your wife? You’re such a turd!

It was either that or “forever despise.” I thought for sure I nailed it—I’m usually pretty good with 50/50 chances.

🙄 that’s as close to an eye roll I could get.

Unique photos!

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Thank you for following along, @eii. I’m glad I can keep your attention. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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Waaow. Very nice and quality content. You've worked hard. Congratulations.

I appreciate this comment, @bpn. Thank you so much for noticing! And thanks for clicking that follow button, too, it’s my pleasure to have you aboard. Happy holidays to you and yours.


It's a great travel post. You took a photograph of every detail and gave a lot of info :) I felt like I was gone.Thanks

This is a nice response to wake up to, @avare, my pleasure! There’s so many things inside the Vatican to picture, I tried not to leave too much out. I’m glad you enjoyed it, thanks a lot for letting me know. Happy holidays to you and yours.

Same to you. I thank you for your kindly reply ;)

amazing shots friend @dandays! Be amazed at your work!

Thank you, @pablo1601, I'm glad you appreciate what I'm doing around here, it’s my pleasure to have you keeping an eye on me. More to come. 👍🏿 Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Wow!!! They sure don’t build stuff like they used to right?! Amazing photos once again!!

"Wow" is right, even better would be a wOrd I've never heard of. They continue to build that joint up, brother @jlsplatts and I think it's safe to say they not only don't build stuff like they used to but I don't think anything ever has been built like that place. "Like woah!"

Thanks for checking me out, I’m glad you enjoyed the tour. Once I researched the article and learned the details I shared with you guys, it made me really want to go back and see it from a new perspective—I got a whole new appreciation for it now that I did my research.

Happy holidays, brother Splatts.

Oh my gosh sir dandays! I don't even know the words to describe the impact and impressions of such a place. I don't think I've ever seen the interior of the Vatican before, it's simply astounding.

I’m glad you got to check this one out, @janton. Yeah, astonishing! The amount of ‘value’ inside there is phenomenal. What an elaborate church, I’m glad you got to see this one, I’d only heard of it, I’m glad I got to share it with all of you.

I wonder that the ceilings alone are worth! Or just the gold value. And also I was blown away by the fabulous floors! They are all marble I assume.

Incredible, huh? I don’t know for sure if they’re marble but most likely. Then again, if there’s a stone like that for flooring that’s worth more than marble, that’s probably what it is. 👍🏿 Incredible about of “worth” in that structure.

Yes, the construction alone is priceless because I doubt if we have the artisans who could do such work anymore!

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Only 2 pictures and first paragraph into this tale, and I already needed to drop a line. HOLY S--T.

Later, be back after I totally consume the remaining adventure.

Sooner, if something else strikes me like the first 2 pictures and 1st paragraph! HOLLY S--T @dandays

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