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The video game industry has received massive support from people, so many people stopped seeing the games as a Hobby and started to see it as a possible work, currently hundreds of companies developing video games have become multi-million dollar thanks to their projects, there are also other ways to earn money with games, as for example the famous youtubers that upload analysis or simply try and play for an interested public to support it either by advertising, donations, and more..

We already know the great growth that the games currently present, now let's talk about the origin of videogames. Although he does not know exactly the specific dates of the launch of the first game, it is estimated that it was in 1952 the official launch of the game called: OXO (also known as Nought and crosses): it was a computer game in which the machine was competed, the game as such today is known as "the old one". Some years later they released a tennis game, and this was the first game in which 2 people could compete among themselves, from there every so often the games were revolutionizing and there were more, in 1972 the first game was created able to connect to television and that allowed to play several pre-recorded games. In the 80's already started to emerge the great projects that today continue to generate millions, games like Mario and Sonic arose ... In the year 2000 and the thing was different, when Sony launched the Playstation 2, this completely revolutionized the video game industry, Microsoft also did not fall short, and launched the Xbox 1, there was also the GameCube, the game boy, and more

Today you can find millions of video games on multiple consoles, there are platforms with wireless controls like the Playstation (from 3) and Xbox (from 360), all genres have hundreds of thousands of games, without However every time the games have to be renewed, the updated games are the ones that are mostly successful.

Although creating a video game seems easy, it can be more complex than it is, it can cost a lot of money development, it can take a long time to be created, also the exchange of assets within the platforms come to have many problems. This is when Xaya offers a great revolution to this industry, Xaya through the Blockchain wants to allow the management of videogames without advanced knowledge of programming, the exchange and trade of virtual assets, the creation of autonomous and decentralized games and all this will be able to do it with different functions and characteristics that I will explain in this publication.

The Xaya team already has experience in this industry, in 2013 they developed and launched their first project called "Huntercoin" which I will explain below.


Xaya Vision

Like any company, Xaya must be clear about the objectives he wants to reach, how he will do it and when he will do it.

Xaya wants to become a decentralized and autonomous platform that allows the exchange of assets and objects that can be passed to other games with real value, the multiplayer game mode, the virtual worlds will be abundant in negotiable virtual resources, the creators of games can launch your projects in a smaller amount of time and without having to spend large amounts of money on the development of the applications, they also want to make a cryptocurrency have a lot of demand to give it more use and value, and all this will be possible thanks to its system flexible. They also want to integrate the chat option through encrypted texts and voice.



Problems between Developers/Gamers and Xaya Solutions

- Developers:

To develop a game does need the team to have experience in multiple areas such as programming, graphic design, animation, sound, music, and more... Many times the projects are not delivered because of the high amounts of money that are necessary, also by the long process of duration that these can last in developing or in the configuration as for example the servants, do not count on the necessary tools.


With Xaya the costs of and the time of configuration of services in the cloud or servers, will be totally eliminated as other costs, so the democratization that Xaya will achieve will be a great revolution in the gaming industry, and all possible methods will be sought to compensate for problems such as scalability between MMO games, asset storage books and cryptocurrency challenges.

- Gamers:

"There is a big demand for richer and more complex games, and games in which time is not wasted", the players, besides being able to enjoy the benefits of the games for all the effort and time dedicated to them, can also perform exchanges in real life for valuable objects or in other games. In addition they will be able to enjoy games easy to understand, safe and stable, also they will be able to own a wallet which will be totally readable for any user.
"The XAYA platform will provide a large number of tools and infrastructure for game developers to build their own gaming worlds that adapt to their vision and project", will be able to create decentralized autonomous games that have their own coins and that can be exchanged by CHI or other currencies supported by Xaya's Blockchain technology.

At the scale level, thanks to the technology of Trustless Off-chain and Ephemeral Timestamps (and more will come) the platform will overcome all the scale challenges that appear.


Huntercoin, Treat Fighters and Soccer Manager


This was the first project launched by the Chimaera team (now known as Xaya) in 2013, achieved a maximum capitalization in 2017 of 6.3 million, fulfilled all the proposed objectives such as:

  • "The world’s first decentralised massively multiplayer game"
  • "The world’s first game world built entirely on the blockchain"
  • "The world’s first human mining permissible cryptocurrency"

The game itself was more a test to see how it was doing in Blockchain technology. Huntercoin offered a lot of tools for developers to create personalized game worlds along with a coin compatible with the "CHI" and more ..

The novel and decentralized game consisted basically of an open map in which users had to collect coins and could have confrontations.

Hunter met the objectives and today continues to develop

Treat Fighters

This is another decentralized game in the Blockchain technology, the game was developed by Xaya and an American company dedicated to the development of video games called Tricky Fast Studios. The game to have no servers, any number of users can play, the games will be uninterrupted for any user and the inactivity will not have time limit.

The game is that players must collect sweets and recipes to create their ideal character and face other characters, you can also make exchanges within the platform. The president of Tricky Fast Studios ensures that users will have enough features in the game to keep them engaged every day.

Soccer Manager

This game will be integrated with Xaya allowing users to be authors a "judiciously fair game and a true property of the resources in the game". The platform already has millions of users who continuously provide support to the application

Soccer manager is a massive, decentralized multiplayer football management game. The players, stadiums and other benefits will be fully owned by the players. You can compete in tournaments or create them, you will also compete among the other managers, the platform will have its own currency for uses such as: the salary of players, purchases of the game, exchange of players, and more.


Xaya Team

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