First self made music video (Original Acoustic Song) - Mistakes

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Bonnie Legion - Mistakes (Sounds Like Shavon)

Out of the vault here.   Back before I switched full time to the alter ego Bonnie Legion, I was recording raw acoustic material under the name Sounds Like Shavon.    This was my first official music video.   Very rough and raw, but still captures a moment I cherish on the journey.  Check it out here. What yall think??

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

check out more videos and more music by clicking the below link


huge thanks . just read the guidelines, im all about this, great work steemit crew. you are gonna make alot of indie artists happy.

Great piece. I look forward to making music with you here on the Steemit stage.

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Nice track. Would you like to pick up your guitar and sing us a song at Open Mic?
Here's a link to this week's contest and yoU can learn more about it here.

I am all over this to join up sounds great. Im gonna have to postpone till mid december as im overseas at the moment. But I look forward to this thanks for sharing the link. will follow

Cool. You have a new follower too.

This is awesome! You have a great voice great lyrics to! keep up the work!

thanks so much my friend

also I dont think your getting the amount of upvotes you deserve, try working on your "tags" for example. "openmic" is a really good tag for something like this. All respect! Just trying to help for future posts!

thanks for that. I have def been mindful of the tags, and using stuff like writing music art original music songwriter yada. I look to the main searches on steemit at the moment, which helps I think. Im new to this and loving btw, but still getting handle with it.