Gig Reflections: Going Full-Time, Car Trouble, Setting Schedules & Shows (...and a NEW EP)


Well, this week has been an interesting one already and it's only Wednesday. Friday was my last official day at the 9-5, so now I am officially my own boss and am working on a work schedule for myself to maximize efficiency and the time I have available. I am really a creature who benefits from a schedule. I know a lot of people who really thrive without one, but I am definitely not one of those people. Schedules are good. I'm working on one.


Hard at work, realizing some dreams and stuff...

Today is really the first day I've been able to do my own thing all day, and it's a true treat. Monday was the eclipse, and there were some events surrounding that event that prevented the day from being regular, and then yesterday I had the help of amazing friends who replaced my power steering pump for me after it decided to take a shit about 30 minutes after I walked out of my job for the last time.

I'd been completely freaking out about how I was going to get it fixed, when my friends Dennis and his brother Peter, a mechanic, really came to my rescue. I have gigs I need to get to and from, and most of those paying gigs these days are in Branson, which is about an hour drive from where I I need to have a functioning vehicle for this to work out.


When things like this happen, I do have a tendency to freak out...but I really shouldn't have. The universe opened up and provided in an amazing way. Not only were they available to help me, but also I was able to purchase a used pump (that was still newer than mine) to save quite a bit of money and get me going on the road. They did all of this for the cost of the part, including taking it out, taking me to the salvage yard, picking and pulling the part, and putting it back in the I took them out to lunch. So grateful for good friends. Not just in times of need, but those fellas really came to my rescue and saved the day/week/month.

I am recording an EP next week!

You're hearing it here first! On Wednesday through Friday of next week, I will be traveling to Marionville, Missouri to record with @robbied and @d-ro at The Landing Pad Studios, and I cannot tell you how excited I am to lay down some tracks with these fellas behind the console. I am so thrilled to finally be able to get some of these songs down and recorded and available online for you guys to listen to! This recording is coming after getting soooo many amazing requests for music available somewhere that isn't YouTube, so this EP that's on the way will definitely be available on digital retailers and you'll be able to purchase it with Steem when it comes available. More on that later...but I'm so stoked right now!!


Robbie and I go back quite a way...we had a mutual friend back in 2006, and then we just developed our own friendship and it went from there. We are so real with each other in pretty much every way, and I am super excited to embark on this project with such a close friend who we already have a pattern of realness with each other, as well as pushing each other to be our best. This photo was taken at a Friendsgiving a few years ago...Robbie is standing next to me in the middle of the photo.

If you want to have a taste of the outstanding vibes at The Landing Pad studio, you can check out my track Hoxie below, and if you love it, remember it's available for free download on the Soundlegion Steemit Artist Music Compilation Volume 1.

Stay tuned for album updates!

Stay tuned for album updates!

Stay tuned for album updates!


Today, I play music at Hotel Vandivort in historic Downtown Springfield for The In Party, which is a networking event for young professionals in the area. It is always a good time, and Hotel V is such a beautiful space, that even playing in the front lobby feels fancy.


Hotel Vandivort Image Sources


One of my first times playing at Hotel V during Summer 2016


What's on the agenda the rest of the week?

Well, I'm so glad you asked. ;)
Friday, I will be playing dinner service at Houlihan's Restaurant in Springfield, and Saturday I have the opportunity to help raise money for a myriad of local charities during an incredible joint-effort fundraising effort between most of the local Springfield musical artists, the amazing bars and art spaces on Historic Commercial street, and the community-at-large, for Queen City Shout. This festival is a pretty big deal, and I'm super excited to be among the performers this year. It is a huge honor to be included in this group of local artists, and I love representing my city and its music to help raise money for charitable causes that benefit folks where we are, because Springfield definitely needs the help, as I'm sure your communities do, as well.

I love having the opportunity to share my music to help others. It is always such an honor and the events are always incredibly humbling experiences.

Thankful for opportunity, in more than one way.


Thank you for following along on this journey with me. You have no idea how happy it makes my heart to read your comments and notes of encouragement and support. The community here on Steemit has provided more inspiration and fulfilling experiences in 8 months than I could have ever imagined, and when I'm counting my blessings, please know you guys are always counted in that number. Thank you infinitely for being so cool, accepting, and amazingly supportive. I love you all!

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You amaze me jesso!! You are so quick to help out, especially for a good cause. It makes sense that your friends would be right there to help you out with your car problems!! I'm sure many people would have been happy to help you!! Thank goodness for awesome mechanically inclined friends!! And thank goodness you didn't have anywhere important to be during your troubles!! Plans are great but sometimes things just got to fall together!! Glad you are mobile again!!


Great post. Good luck on your recording! I have been a music entrepreneur since 93' love it. ✌🏾😊


@tiredmama I just love you so much!! I was seriously freaking out about the car, but goodness if doors weren't opened to just pass through without a hitch! Grateful doesn't even describe it!!!

I really have to get better at the no plans kind of stuff...that's rough for me. I know I am a control freak, I realized that a long time ago, but it is so hard sometimes to trust that things are going to work out the way they are supposed to work out...and that's a daily struggle for me, but something I'm working so hard to achieve.

Thankful for the support of my amazing friends across the board and across the miles. You make my heart feel so full. Love you, my friend!!

Full STEEM ahead!!!!



Steem to the MOOOOOOOOON!!!

Interesting post. Very beautiful music display. thanks for sharing @jessamynorchard


@rizasukma I am so glad you enjoyed it! I love sharing music and the processes behind it with my friends here on Steemit, so I am very happy you liked the music! :)


Hope it keeps growing friends .. good work :-)

Sending you good recording vibes :)


@allgoodthings Thank you so much for the vibes, and I send blessings and light back your way as always, my friend! 💚🎼


give thanks!

Good things happen to good people! And you, my dear, are great!!! Good luck sweetness! 💚

@jessamynorchard, I am really glad to meet some awesome people on steemit. I was checking out 'We love steemit' page on Facebook and saw your post. A steemit musician is always a cool one to be. Now that you are out of 9-5, I believe you have an amazing future ahead. Looking forward to hear more from you,. God bless


@topdog I'm so glad you found me! Sometimes I wonder if FB promotions work at all, so hearing that was the directive avenue is also good news!!!

The Steemit music community has really been my home here since last October. Steemians are so cool. :)

Thank you for the reply and for your kind words! I appreciate you so much!

I hope you don't have to do very many "do overs" in the studio for your EP. It's like, you play the song flawlessly 100 times live, then you try to record it, and make a mistake somewhere in it, so you have to play it again. Crazy stuff happens in the studio... :-)


That's part of the reason I've avoided the studio for such a project for so long. lol I'm never satisfied!! I'm hoping this time around, my preparation and rehearsals pay off and I can go throw it down the way I imagine doing it in my head!!! Lol studio life for sure!