Full orgasm after 11 days of denial

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Oh yes it was finally time again.. I was allowed a full orgasm after I had to go 11 days without any form of release. Now you may ask what I am talking about. I am in a special relationship about chastity and feminization with a woman who is also a good friend of mine. You can read about it in my introduction post.

I managed to reach my 10 points I need for a chance to be allowed an orgasm. It all happened on the 22th this month. She made a special game for me out of it. A game of chances in Minecraft. At the moment we live a few 100km apart from each other so we get very creative sometimes. We also enjoy to play games like Minecraft sometimes and used it this time.

Game of Chances

I don't know if you know how Minecraft works but to say it in an easy way, we built 4 different entrances. I had to choose different entrances three times. Every time I saw a different number from 1-4. In the background she had 3x4 different pieces of paper with words on it. Every time I choose an entrance I got one of the 4 possibilites. But I wasn't told what I got, that was happening at the end.

After I had chosen all entrances and outcomes I was sent an video. She recorded everything and now on the video I would see what my fate was.

  1. How and where -> With only 2 fingers in front of a mirror looking at myself
  2. Clothes -> Dress
  3. What orgasm -> Full orgasm

I was very lucky! I got permission for a full orgasm. She said that my chance for it was only 25% and the other 3 outcomes were all ruined orgasms (stopping all stimulation while cumming).

I was really excited after 11 days of denial.

The orgasm

We kept on playing Minecraft for a while and even prepared a bigger "arena" with more possibilites for the next time.

After that I was pretty fast in getting naked and getting that dress on. It was a while since I wore female clothes the last time and it was a great feeling as always. I was very aroused and sat down in front of my cupboard mirror. I also made a few photos while I touched myself. I enjoyed the touch of my two fingers bringing me slowly to the orgasm until I started to cum..

Pictures nsfw




I love these kind of creative games. I hope I am able to inspire someone with my posts. Thanks for reading!

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I love the idea of the game to see if you can cum, and im mega impressed with your abilitynto abstane from cumming! I dont think i could do that personaly!
Only one question, where you required to edge during the 11 days for Mistress?


Thank you! It's really not easy to stay chaste but I had a lot of "training". I know how to deal with the urge and use the sexual energy for positive things. My longest period of denial was 35 days. Also it's something I enjoy so that makes it easier for me.

I wasn't required to edge for my Mistress daily. I only had to take one video where I was constantly edging over and over again. Edging though is something I really like. It can get pretty intense and makes the denial thing more difficult. Exactly how I like it :)


Yeah i must admit edging makes it all so much more amazing, im really enjoy the release is to die for,
And yeah you seem VERY well trained!
Xx love kitty