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DO NOT READ / DO NOT UPVOTE THIS POST - Please Skip to Update number 2 at the bottom of the page - sources used in this article are inaccurate.

As the open source investigation moves forward, evidence is beginning to mount in support of George Webb's organ harvesting hypothesis. Day 122 (see bottom of page for link) highlights the discovery of the bodies of 700 children in Malaysia in late 2016. Authorities believe that the children were victims of an 'organ farm'.

According to cut marks were evident on the children's bodies.

Some of them are tied. Some are even packed into card board boxes. The pictures suggest that the crime has been carried out by a large gang.

The children must have been kidnapped first. Then, their organs were harvested. These stolen organs must have been sold in the black market.

Origins of Organ Trafficking

Webb has linked the organ harvesting activities to regions where the US government contractor DynCorp has been operating. These countries include Haiti, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan among others. DynCorp's involvement in human trafficking in the Balkans has been well documented and the origins of organ harvesting also have roots in the region.

The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) has been accused of organ harvesting during the period of 1998-1999. Dick Marty published a 2010 report for the European Council on organ harvesting and trafficking in Kosovo and Albania. The report specifically names Kosovo president Hashim Thaci, then leader of the KLA, as being involved in organ harvesting.

European Council Report

This 2010 Wikileaks document describes the reports findings:

In the wake of the armed conflict, before international forces had time to
re-establish law and order there, "organs were removed from some prisoners
at a clinic in Albanian territory, near Fushe-Kruje..." he added.

Those organs were then "shipped out of Albania and sold to private
overseas clinics as part of the international 'black market' of
organ-trafficking for transplantation."

This was carried out by KLA leaders linked to organised crime, and "has
continued, albeit in other forms, until today..." he wrote.


Marty specifically named Thaci, one of the KLA leaders during the conflict
with Serb security forces in 1998-1999, in his report.

Thaci, he said, was "the boss" of the Drenica Group, a "small but
inestimably powerful group of KLA personalities" who took control of organised crime in the region from at least 1998.

The diplomatic and political support the United States and other western
powers gave him during the talks following the Kosovo conflict "bestowed
upon Thaci, not least in his own mind, a sense of being 'untouchable'," he

The very recent death of Vitaly Churkin, Russia's permanent Ambassador to the UN, who was a leading advocate for an investigation into the allegations of KLA involvement in organ harvesting, has raised suspicions of foul play (see bottom of page, Day 122, part 1).

Also see, Senator McCain's Bribery Attempt @thelightreports

George Webb's investigation has often focused on Haiti and has uncovered circumstantial evidence of the establishment of a human/organ trafficking network operating clandestinely inside the country. Researchers have detailed the infiltration of the HNP by DynCorp and of the constant presence of DynCorp trained personnel in MINUSTAH forces for nearly two decades throughout Haiti.

See - Shady in Haiti -DynCorp's Infiltration of Haitian Police Forces

In previous Youtube videos, Webb has described the lucrative black market for human organ trafficking. Live 'donors' are sought after as they make transplantations more feasible compared with organs that need to be preserved artificially and/or transported long distances to recipients.

Also see - A Rough Guide to Black Market Organ Harvesting

In Day 122 of his investigation, Webb believes the discovery of the 700 children in Malaysia are children originating from Syria and therefore give his dark theory more weight (see bottom of page, Day 122, Part 3).
The information that these are in fact Syrian children is provided by a website called

The website identifies the child bodies as victims of Assad's chemical weapons attack.

On that fateful day, Syrian forces under Bashar al-Assad fired 330 mm rockets armed with chemical warheads containing a nerve agent (most likely Sarin) at the rebel-controlled suburbs of Eastern and Western Ghouta.

Hundreds of civilians, including large numbers of children (who were most vulnerable), died in the attack. Those are the children you see in the picture.

Significance in the context of George Webb's investigation.

It is significant because previously it has been discovered that DynCorp was involved in joint ventures in the development of virus/vaccines. More specifically, DynCorp has been linked to the development of 'chemical defense' projects with Baxter pharmaceutical. One of the projects in particular is called 'Bioscavenger' which involved the development of 'nerve agents' to protect soldiers against chemical weapons including Sarin gas.

See - DynCorp, Vaccinations and Me

Not to mention, Mr. Webb and other investigators (Sy Hersh) have demonstrated that the Sarin gas used in Syria originated in Lybia and was transported to Syria via rat-lines through Qatar, Jordan and Turkey.

If it is determined that the bodies are indeed Syrian children who have had their organs harvested, this would certainly add weight to Webb's theory and increase the likelyhood of a global supply chain. It is also very suspect that DynCorp has major US government contracts in many of the countries where organ harvesting is, or was, taking place.

Update: in the comments @evehuman correctly pointed out the relationship between the KLA and rebel forces in Syria. Originally, I wasn't going to include this in the post but it is very relevant. This article demonstrates the relation between the KLA and ISIS, as well as other jihadi groups.

Update 2: It has been brought to my attention that 2 sources that I cited in this post have retracted their stories about the 700 children found in Malaysia with their organs harvested.


My apologies, I am usually quite thorough with my research but after seeing the article/photographs discussed on Mr. Webb's latest releases I mistook the articles as being properly sourced. Lesson learned - always find additional sources to coroborate the story. Again, I apologize for not digging deep enough on this one.

Day 122 - DynCrop Harvest, Killing is Good Business

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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DISINFO! Ghouta fake massacre was an psyop to establish in west peoples minds the crossing of obamas redline to invade the
Kids from Syrian gov supporting members were abducted killed and frozen to conveniently been shown to the west media as
evidence of the use of chemical weapons.
This post mixes fake news with Webbs legit info in the way that classic intoxication or disinfo has all times being produced and
disseminated as propaganda.
I redflag this post as it dangerously crosses the line between truth and wartime propaganda.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I updated the post 10 minutes ago when it was brought to my attention that the 2 sites I sourced had also retracted their stories. I should have done a better job researching the facts here, my intention was not to mislead or post disinfo, it was a mistake.

It is understandable that this horrible pictures can produce a lot of readers and resteems. This is due to the progressive insensitiveness promoted by the west exporting of toxic
techno-pornography by media and Hollywood.
It is also clear that sometimes the use of gruesome and shocking content is necessary to wake up the lobotomized western population but the west wars counterintelligence does the same as this Goutha story is a clear example of the same and there are many others.... It's done to go straight to the emotions and feelings of the masses rather than to the analytical part of their minds.
Engaging your work in that slippery path, without an exquisite choice of information
contents, will only have opposite effects to honorable intentions as yours.
I strongly recommend anyone concerned with the Harvest to create an infograph clearly
explaining George Webb's hints about the parallelism of Chicago's cattle slaughterhouse
industry and the Human-Harvest process's top-down directors and executioners to terminate the influence of opposition and activism to the Fortune 500 corporations and local elites in those countries to be invaded by secret and non-secret armies to be pillaged and so advance the imperial enslavement agenda.

This is absolutely horrific. And it makes you wonder, if the whole organ transplant industry shouldn't be shut down altogether.
There is one factual error in the story though:
It's now proven without a reasonable doubt, that the Assad government did not carry our any chemical weapons attack in Syria. The gas was either accidentely (when some weapons delivery system was mishandled) or deliberately (as a false-flag attack) released by some Al-Qaeda connected rebel group.
The children you see in those pictures from Syria might indeed have been kidnapping victims.
A Syrian catholic nun has done some research on the images shown about that chemical attack and she found out that the pictures of the same children were shown several times in supposedly different locations.
Shortly before that rebels had conquered many Christian or Alawite villages, killed the men and abducted women and children.
There were people from government held areas who said they recognized some of the children in the pictures as relatives of theirs who had been abducted by rebels.
The Kosovo Liberation Army b.t.w. is connected to the same organizations as some of the Syrian rebel groups.

Very good point on the relations between the KLA and the Syrian army i will add a link to that relationship to the post.

I also believe that the Sarin gas attacks were not conducted by Assad forces and can be traced to stockpiles in Libya. Perhaps, i didn't make that clear enough.

As for the children, i do remember hearing stories about the same photos being circulated. You make a good point here that the children may have been abducted and not victims of a chemical weapons attack.

Do you have any links for this? I'd be happy to update the post in that case.

I just double checked and you are correct...this story was retracted from both sources i used in this post. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I've updated the post. Nothing worse than realizing you've been duped.

This is what is meant by the phrase "Eyeballs on it."
It's important to open source. If a source can't be cited, it must be dismissed.
George Webb is doing an incredible job cobbling together these OPEN Sources!

I haven't had time to look into EIN and Mr. Steele yet, but generally speaking i agree with the concept and importance of sourcing. Thanks for the link, looks very interesting.

I simply have no words only total sadness .

Yeah, it's very dark stuff but the story needs to come out. A silver lining would be if we could shut this operation down completely and prosecute the perpetrators. It's a tall order though.

I agree and will pray. Thank you for having the courage to share it.

Been following this investigation for about 70 days. This goes deep, really deep and dark web. It's a horror movie, it's macabre it is real life.

Vampires can only exist in the dark. Shine light and we can make them recede.

Every person involved in these crimes should have their names and pictures in the media. The more exposure the better!