OP Highlights of the Week! Issue #3

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It's been a long time, my dudes but here comes your favorite (jk) OP admin @volderhein to AGAIN, highlight the best posts we've seen this week so far. We're a little late a g a i n... but hey everyone's been busy but not forgotten! We've all been doing our best to stay on top of our Personal and Steemit lifes! We'd like to know how everyone is doing so far but first, we've got some great posts to bring attention to!


We would like to dedicate our first spot for a user who has a dear place in our heart, or at least in mine. Adam, better known as @rainite is an user who was away for some months here at Steemit, but now that he's back we're welcoming him as warm as we can. He's a great writer and artist but what's really important is how he modified the well known companion cube from the portal series to give it a more Steampunk feel. The process is listed at his post and it's absolutely mind blowing. Let's encourage to make more creative things like that! (And keep him in here too!)


On our second highlight we've got a quite known Steemian. This time @felipejoys brings an interesting opinion to us. He implies that Riot Games are not entirely too happy to maintain their older playerbase happy or keep it there at all... Are they really interested that much in their newer fanbase? Check out Felipe's post!


For our third and last post this time, we're bringing you a whooping deluxe from @ahmadmanga as always. On this post he details the list of games which will come bundled with the Play Station Classic. He also makes a special mention for some of his favorite games like Persona 1 and Metal Gear Solid! But it doesn't stop there, he also lists some differences between the American PS Classic and the Japanese PS Classic releases. Are you willing to buy one? Check Ahmad's opinion for guidance!


I admit there's a habit of being late on these posts but our undying efforts of highlighting your content so it can reach a wider audience will absolutely never stop. We're doing this for you, Steemit and us. We really want everyone to grow in here because we've all seen the greater talent, writing and creativeness some of you guys got under your sleeves. So, without further delay, we'd like you to come hang out at our Discord OP server and tell us how your day has been! Tell us in here on the comments what you've been upto and tell us if you liked the post we highlighted over here in this issue! But most importantly, don't forget to go visit the users mentioned in this issue!


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-* Pats myself on the back *

Pats thy back so thee shall not feel bad for trying to pride thyself with thy work.

Thank you, kind traveler. It's very recomforting to find my content is appreciated by other fellow adventurers.

  • Pats himself on the back a second time *

Pats you on the back too.

Chop off your hand and use it to pat you on the back

Thanks for the mention, so happy to be featured again. I liked the other two choices too.

It's our pleasure to feature you, Ahmad. Just keep being great because we love your content!

Thanks for mentioning me and the kind words. So someone other than me has called me an "artist", which means I'm officially an artist now(?) Yaaay!

No modesty required! You're definitely an artistic person!

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