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Hey Guys!

Unfortunately it seems, that for the first time in history that great contest hosted by @luzcypher broke down for some reason and I really hope that @luzcypher is doing fine and feeling well and no bad circumstances led to this breakdown, all the best for you, @luzcypher!
For there is no contest at the moment however, I am hosting an exclusive contest version of myself for the time luz is afk.


Before you continue, please be aware of a specification in the rules down below: Your Performance must be a one take shot, even the introduction. This is to avoid taking any video and just put the intro in front of it. I did a unofficial performance myself, which you can take as a source:

I am asking everyone of you to join and enter my exclusive contest, so that this fun can go on until openmic is back again! I am providing at least a 45 Steem Prizepool, 30 Steem for the winner and 15 Steem for the second winner. If there's anyone who is interested in temporarily sponsoring this contest, I will directly enlarge the prizepool at that amount and pay out more steem and more placings.

I am going to set up some rules of course that you will have to follow in order to take part, most of them are very similar to the openmic rules, so it won't be hard for you to participate:


1. Make a post of you or your band performing a song, a classical music composition, a hiphop track or whatever genre you like. You won't have to sing, but there must be no doubt that what you do is done live. Your Performance, even your introduction must be a one take shot. Of course you can use a sampler live or do multitrack/multiscreen things as long as they are each recorded live in one take, each.

2. You must say the words "SECOND EXCLUSIVE STEEMIT OPEN MUSIC CONTEST" and your "USERNAME" in the beginning of your video.

3. Only one entry per person or band per week is allowed

4. Your Post's title should start with the words: "2nd EXCLUSIVE OPEN MUSIC CONTEST"

5. You must upvote this post with your highest possible voting power at the time and reply in the comment section with a link to your entry.

6. Use "openmusic" as your first tag

7. Only embedded videos in your post are allowed as I won't klick on any third party link. Consider that platforms like dtube are not always working properly and my attempt to review your awesome performance won't fail due to a bad content hoster.

8. Valid Posts for the 2nd EXCLUSIVE STEEMIT OPEN MUSIC CONTEST must be submitted from Sunday, August 25th, 2019 until Friday, August 30th, 2019 (just as it was at openmic).

Reviewing and Judging

You most likely know the process of judging an openmic entry if you were participating in the past. My way is no different. However there are some things that I will consider when judging like:

Degree of Entertainment, Skills both technical and musical, theEffort you put in your performance (here also the effort to write a song on your own f.ex), authenticity, charme, etc.

As for my references, I am a studied musician (piano, cello, composition, music science) and music teacher, I also took part in openmic several times.
There are no other judges involved and I am going to review all valid posts manually so far.
I don't want to take away anything of @luzcypher 's contest, so my exclusive Music Contest lasts only as long as openmic is not present. However I'd love to see you all join and of course it would be very nice to see @curie, @helpie, the other judges like @verbal-d, @soundlegion, @krystle and @passion-ground climbing in!


Good Luck to everyone of you and thanks for participating!

Yours, @senzenfrenz


Thanks for being expilicit this time! ; )

"Your Performance, even your introduction must be a one take shot"

I used to make my presentations in two shots for "openmic" (one for the greeting and the other for the song) and there were never any problems about it. But rules are rules and I like to follow them.

Thank you for your understanding @esthersanchez! I am new to hosting a contest and I am sorry for inconveniance caused, yours @senzenfrenz

edit: I wrote somtehing like "There must be no doubt that it's done live" which was not an exact description

Here's my entry , drinking wine and singing a song written by Fisherman from Cornwall ,England....Ah the good life :)


I remember @dinoromanelli doing this song in openmic some time ago and his performance inspired me to work it up.. so here it is "Black" Pearl Jam cover by @gibber. Thanks @senzenfrenz for hosting this contest ;9)

My entry 😎💖🕺

Todavía es viernes. It's still Friday. 😋

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