OpenMic Week 84 - @soundlegion Top 5 Judges Picks - Honorable Mentions - Top Picks List

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Check out all the entries for Week 84 Steemit OpenMic.   


Steemit Open Mic Week 84 - See Who Played - Part 1


Steemit Open Mic Week 84 - See Who Played - Part 2

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@soundlegion Top Picks List Week 84

*all entries who scored 8.5 or higher

@moderndayjester @shookriya @williamsreinoso @k0wsk1 @laviq @luiskrupaz @duocover @raci @denis.savisko3 @lauriane @novumorganon @musiccircle @lisamalletart @chrisgoans @paintingangels @lorenzopistolesi @ferchemusico @pechichemena @ingridkornelia @elmaster @aalejandroj @lk666 @mariajruizb @vladoramirez @cesaralejandro @felixjfarfan @jgvinstl @melor9 @grayarty @leosk8 @melavie @sallyswitchblade @andreag @maerod @enazirma @vera.carla @dreamrafa @etemi @yrmaleza @ceparl @olividesantelmo @tomashofficial @samidbarid @lyndsaybowes @moccamonica @carolosvidal @andreabortone @itslobianco @klynic @wethepatsies @edwardstobia @luisferchav @drewley @camuel @abisaiycristina @alejandra23 @lillywilton @kayclarity @abelardobravoh @ilazramusic @jons0318 @diegopadilla @wilins @yulita @manurodriguez @belenlopr @daily-musings @yenibe @funkmedia @yoi

Honorable Mentions

 Yessell y los Compas ( Tainted love) --- by @yenibe 

 @ "Crow Song" (original song) --- by @paintingangels 

"its incredibly hard keeping you out of my top 5 .   You are a fantastic songwriter @paintingangels and get right to the center of my heart and soul each time you sing with that incredibly unique and sweetly calling voice of yours.   Blissed out amazing yet again. I am always touched by your music.   Your voice reminds me of Loretta Lynn a little bit, its that special or unique quality"

Official Top 5 Week 84


 "The Burn I've Learned to Love" (original) --- by @lillywilton 



"@etemi voice gives me goosebumps every single time she opens her mouth to sing.   Fantastic cover piece absolute stunning soulful power and control"

Thanks for checking our my Top 5 Picks for Week 84 Steemit OpenMic.  Hosted by @luzcypher with openmic sponsor @pfunk (Steemit Witness)   Also check out top 5 picks from other openmic official judges.  @meno @verbal-d @krystle @passion-ground.  


Oh mine!!! Am glad to have made it to your list once more @soundlegion ...Dont worry keep praying for me to get a microphone soon... The openmic would be on fire soon... Lool

wow, we are impressed, thanks @soundlegion, it is the first time you put us in the first place of your top, the whole band is grateful with all the support of the community and especially the #openmic, we send you a warm hug from part of the whole team of @funkmedia

Hey @soundlegion!
Thank you so much for putting me on your honourable mentions! :)

Great picks as always!

Once again a wonderful library of music showcasing the talent here on Steemit. Thanks @soundlegion for the hard work you do in this.

So cool you found what in my estimation (and likely your's too) is the "sleeper" this week; @daily-musings... Nice, girlfriend! Your fitting acknowledgment of Funk-Media is also another major "thumbs-up!" You go, girlfriend! .x NICE - all the way around!,,,

Thank you so much for the honorable mention, i LOVE that you support the world that we do week by week, you're the BEST!!!

All hail Funk media! haha

OMG @andreabortone I had not seen this!! It was an honor to accompany you

Thank you so much <3 <3 <3

Nice!! Thank you for the mention!

Hiiii @soundlegion thanks for the mention, I´m very very happy. Thanks again.

Niceeeeee! Thank you so much!

#OpenMic Rules!

absolutely the best every week

@Funkmedia team, killing it!! Thanks for the support @soundlegion.


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