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What a song - can't stop listening to it. It touched me deeply. I hope to hear more of you.

Dear Lilly,
I cannot tell you what an honor it is that you mentioned me in this most beautiful tower of words and music. We all in Helpie already adore you. You make such an impression with yourself. Some people have this gift of radiating charisma and magic and mystery and you are certainly one of them.

When I saw you last week doing Zombie, before I even heard you sing, I though, "Ooh, she digs the Cranberries, we must be friends." (I still am grieving so badly over Dolores) Then you did the loops, and I was hooked! Then you were sweet to me and now we will be buds for life! : )

Anyway, this is so beautiful. And the lyrics are so haunting. It almost is hard to read them. Like, painful.

But really, if a song doesn't torture me in some way I'm typically not interested for very long.

Keep going!
♥ serena

It's an honor to be buds for life ❤️let's keep doing it. I couldn't do this thing without you, Serena.

Thank you for all these beautiful words and support. I think it's hard to write a love song without a little bit of something painful in there somewhere. I'm so glad I was able to connect with you.

Wordplay..... buds for life, your song is about being underneath with the roots, watering well, they can keep their pretty roses, rose buds, budding seeds of life, remaining underground for now, buds pals best of friends, how I love words and themes and poetic references.

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This is just stunning, I knew it when I first heard you - were in for some amazing music! <3

Btw I was hoping to have a chance to chat to you, if you can add me on discord (my name is krystle there too) - I have an opportunity I think would be really good for you and well everyone, hope to hear from you soon :D

oh @lillywilton don't disappoint the internet... @krystle is in @helpie just click on her avatar and send her a picture of a puppy. It works every single time...

Here.. use this one

Thank you so much @krystle ❤️ Hopping on now!

Lovely voice...! I think you have a winning entry 💚🎵💚🎵 so good!

Thank you so much @yidneth! ❤️ I've been a big fan of yours since hearing your music on Steemit so this means a lot ❤️❤️

Aw you are sweet

thanks for the sweet compliment.
Once more welcome to Steemit, keep your dream blazing and best of lucks. I foresee a top selection, so good! Your voice intonation is very sweet. All the best!! Pris

I updoot all the helpies when i find them being nice to one another!

Cookie for you too @meno

First of all, thank you to @curie for keeping up the good fight in finding and promoting such awesomeness!

Well @lillywilton, I have to echo the sentiments of the rest of the folks who've visited your blog and listened in, that was beautiful!

You are a talent and we are happy to have you here :D

I listened to your Zombie cover and must admit to loving the loop machine. It looks so simple to build a track up quickly into something really cool, but i'm sure you make it much easier than it looks :)

I think this was the first time I saw the real capabilities of this piece of kit, blew my mind it did!

Thank you for joining the gang, I'm looking forward to more! :)

awesome to see you here... this kind of stuff pumps me up.. makes me dream about the possibilities with Steem, erases the negativity that so many people complain (and do nothing) about.

yeah, thanks to @curie! So hard to find everything, and they (and the singer/songwriter of course!) did a fine job :)

Thank you so much for those words and warm welcome <3 I also owe a big thank you to @curie for resteeming and supporting my work. It's brought a lot of cool people my way and I'm super grateful.

That video is great, too!! His video/setup are way more advanced than mine, but if you're ever interested I'd be more than happy to create a post on how I compose my looper covers :) It's a really easy once you get the hang of it.

Thank you again for the video and for making my Sunday great.

This is an incredibly beautiful song! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us!

Thank you so much <3 That means a lot. :)

Whoa... what a beautiful voice and song! this is stunning :D ! Instant fan ! We have a top charter here for sure :) . I'll resteem this ! Btw... poor snorlax is sleeping on it's stomach.. he must be uncomfortable . Don't make him mad.. it can be dangerous!

Thank you so much! <3 Haha!! Yes, I'm clearly a terrible pokemother.

You do have a beautiful voice @lillywilton. Quite amazing

Thank you @gamsam ❤️

It's so wonderful to hear this side of your musical talents too. Another brilliant piece and even better to hear an original song!
Beautiful work!
in joy

It's so wonderful hearing those words from you @nathankaye. Thank you <3

WOW .... amazing SONG... love it.....

Thank you ❤️ that's super kind of you to say.

It hit you in the feels... i know it!

Beautiful song, beautiful lyrics, beautiful voice! 👍 I don't know what a snorlax doll is though! 😤

Thank you! :) Snorlax is an attention hog anyway. Best to ignore him.

He sounds kinda nasty disposition-like. 😉

Isn't she something?

Omg @meno I'm reading all your comments and literally dying rn. ❤️

Indeed she is!

Bueno, como yo tengo poderes super naturales se, y creo no equivocarme que hablas espanol tambien. Y porque soy un poco loco decido dejarte este mensaje en este idioma.

Me encanto el tema, hermosisima la letra y tu voz es una seda...

Una vez mas te digo... Bienvenida al #openmic y bienvenida a la familia de @helpie estoy muy feliz de que formes parte del grupo.

Jeje, bueno todavia estoy aprendiendo pero entiendo casi todo ;) Mejor practicarlo ademas.

Muchismas gracias @ meno. Es un placer estar aqui con todos ustedes en este grupo/familia. <3 <3 <3

Eso :* 💚

we are slowly becoming a community of mega talents (not that I would include myself) but it's exciting!! I'm super pumped...

Pfft dude - include yourself - you have amazing talents - I include you in my brilliant musos list <3

Wow! Who are you? You're Lilly Wilton! Wow! Amazing.

Hehe thank you so much! ❤️ It's nice to meet you!

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi from Sicily, you are a good musician....

Thank you very much ❤️


It's true... She's a great musician...

Thank you so much for listening and for saying that ❤️

Very nice song!

Thank you!

You have a beautiful voice and so are you. I love it. You sound amazing. I wish I could play something 😅

Thank you! ❤️ And you should totally play something! The ukulele always puts you in a great mood even when it's a simple tune 😊

You have an incredibly beautiful voice. This is something I could put on repeat and lay down relaxing while listening to it.

Thank you so much! I'm always happy to provide some relaxation in the world 😌

Hey, @lillywilton this is the first time I visit your post. I found you by user tagging.

Honestly, I really like your voice and your original song! That's make me relaxed.

I will add your song to my daily playlist and then I will make a post about your beautiful song. Nice to know you on Steemit!

Thank you so much @anggreklestari! That's so kind of you ❤️

Great work, Keep it up :)

Thank you! :)

OMg! They were not kidding about how beautiful your voice is.

To are amazing. I just read your introduceyourself and I thought it was one of the funniest and quirky intro I have read.

Then your Zombie cover! Damn! Instant fan.

Thank you so much! 😃I'm so glad you enjoyed the posts!

Yes your open mics are amazing! Your use of a looper for Zombie was just awesome!

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excelente interpretación!

Gracias!! :)

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Awwww.. Your lyrics is Divine!!

Thank you so much <3

Wow! Great work lillywilton! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 133min with 384 votes.

Wow! That's so neat! Thank you for telling me that! ❤️


This song is absolutely gorgeous! That is a first place in my book. Hope to see more from ya.

Thank you so much @moodyslough. That means a lot <3

Your voice is so beautiful, really so amazing!!!


That's so cute!! ❤️❤️❤️Thank you!!

Enjoyed listening to each and every note in this song. Enjoyed the lyrics, and simply loved the way you expressed them.

Thank you so much @pratik27. I'm so glad you enjoyed it <3

Well, Lilly, this follow-up original composition and performance of yours displays the most charming level of "badassery" that I've witnessed in quite some time! This is an outstanding entry girlfriend!

I'm incredibly humbled by all of your support and encouragement @passion-ground. Thank you, thank you, thank you <3

Simply beautiful 💯🐒

Thank you so much! ❤️

really wonderful music. your voice is very nice and soft. thanks for @lilywilton

Thank you for listening and saying those lovely things ❤️

I liked your voice

Thank you!

Hi @lillywilton ,

Absolutely love your voice. Such a great performance. Hopefully you will let me share it one more time.

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Hi Gene!

Thank you so much for the features and high praise <3 This song has been sitting in my living room and small cabarets for the longest time so seeing the amazing response it's garnered has given me an awesome kind of whiplash this week.

You may absolutely include quotes and images from the post. Thank you for asking.

I'd say the main inspiration of this song stems from what it's like to step into the fringes and choosing a path that's challenging, weird, or painful. But on the other side of the fear and sacrifice is a deep sense of bliss, intimacy, and connection.

I'm incredibly humbled to be featured amongst such great work and talented artists. Thank you again for the opportunity.

Beautifully done, great job. 🤘 Up there with the best originals I've heard on Steemit so far. Do you have any records out?

Thank you so much <3 Those are immensely kind words. I don't have any out currently but I'm hoping to learn a thing or two on here and distribute some more recordings soon.

That's awesome, you absolutely should! You have such a great voice/style. I'm a music production teacher so feel free to reach out if you need any help/advice.

hello friend how are you my name is @tanjina from Bangladesh, I am new to your blog, really this music is awesome, I love your post thank you for sharing this post with us,

Thank you so much @tanjina. <3 I'm so happy you enjoyed it.

Google Maps' way with directions has nothing in comparison to your way with words, singing and songwriting @lillywilton

I have added you to my Judge's Top List for Week 84
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Haha!! Thank you so much for your kind words @verbal-d. And holy wow, that is incredibly high praise. Thank you, thank you, thank you <3 <3 <3

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Well @lillywilton, the community sure seems to love your song and so did the judges and me too. Congratulations and welcome to Steemit and the Open Mic community. Hope we get to hear more soon.


Click here to see who won Open Mic Week 84:

Steemit Open Mic Week 84 Winners See Who Won Open Mic And Join Us This Week --- by @luzcypher

P.S. - Thanks for adding a new word to my vocabulary. Badassery! Love it!

Thank you so much @luzcypher! Happy to introduce you to the word of "badassery." :)

congratulations very good interpretation, I invite you to give a view to my first OpenMic post and support me: D and thanks in advance
STEEMIT OPEN MIC SEMANA 85 - Time in a Bottle by @maycorjerjes18

Wow, you have an amazing voice...and the song is awesome.... Thanks!!

Hi Lilly @lillywilton ,

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Gene (@curie Curator)

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Thank you so much @gamsam!!

Simply beautiful 💯🐒

This is absolutely incredible.

@builtinfire, those words mean so much coming from you. I'm such a huge fan of your music. Thank you <3