OpenMic Week 129 - @soundlegion Top 5 Picks - Honorable Mentions - Top Picks List

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Sound Legion Top 5 Picks Week 129


 129 - "All The Kings of Dublin" by We The Patsies --- by @wethepatsies 

"Always a pleasure hearing the talents of @wethepatsies.  Style and sound my friend absolutely love your work"


 🎧 Steemit  -  #129 🎧 - Original Song ¨Porque podemos // Because we can¨ # Patrocinado por @Luzcypher & @Pfunk --- by @edwardstobia 

"Great performance this week @edwardstobia  you def have a passionate vocal almost every time I hear you, very well done, huge love from the Sound Legion"


 129 - “Rey’s Theme” (Star Wars) --- by @drewley 

"It is always a pleasure to sit and listen to @drewley play on the keys, no question this is a talented and passionate music artist who is very dedicated to his skills and musical talents.. Beautiful performance"


 129 (Cover) Sabor a Mi by  --- by @dianakyv 

"Lovely voice every time.  Nailed it again this week guys, beautiful playing and incredibly uplifting sound. wonderful work"


 Steemit  W#129 / Mi primera canción / cover (Alejandro Sanz). --- by @wilins 

" @wilins finds himself in my #1 spot again this week as I just cant ever get enough.  What can I say that I have not already said about @wilins.   This guys sends chills into the soul" 

  Thanks for checking out my picks this week guys! Be sure to check out all the latest from Steemit OpenMic by following @luzcypher.    

Open Mic is Sponsored by @luzcypher @pfunk @curie @ausbitbank @aggroed 

Open Mic Judges @meno @krystle @passion-ground @verbal-d @soundlegion 

Come check out some of my original music on Choon! I am a  Chameleon Multi Genre singer songwriter and collaborative artist who  loves experimenting with all types of styles and sounds. 

Shavon Bonnie Legion 


Loving heart, thank you for considering me for your top. I send you many affections.

Thank you, gorgeous. I send you a big hug and lots of love for you and your family XD

I love our core group of musicians that come back every week and hearing them improve their skills. Plus, the new faces this week sound really good. Thanks, @soundlegion.

Thinking about you and hope you're doing good.

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