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Hello Steamians, it's been some months since I made entry for Open Mic. I have been trekking and travelling in India and Nepal for an extended period of time. I played a lots of music there (except when trekking) with many good musicians. It's always a treat to be there...

But enough of my ranting - here is my newest entry. It is a song called "Lama Bada Yathasana". I have learned it from one friend some years ago. It is an old Egyptian song. It is quite popular in the Middle East, many singers and musicians have covered it.

I play it in DADGAD tuning (as I do most of my music).

Big thanks to OpenMic crew for keeping this alive: @luzcypher @pfunk @soundlegion @krystle @meno @passion-ground @verbal-d @curie @isaria

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I know this tune. I've heard it a couple of times. I think there's an English love song with this kind of tune. Enjoyed the strings very much.

Thank you! I've never heard this song in English. But I wouldn't be surprised if somebody put English lyrics to it.

Wish I could get the title but I can't really remember the song

Dear @shephard you did a great job with that song. The guitar play is wonderful, even so I don't understand a word you're singing. Can you tell me what the song is about?
On the other hand you're lucky you had the chance to visit India and Nepal. Those are mysterious and very nice countries to visit. I hope you're going to post some photos for us to see the beauty of the places in India and Nepal.

It is a love song. But to be quite truthful I am not sure about exact meaning of this song. Somebody once read the translation and I can recall that it was quite beautiful, but I can't remember the exact words.

I was gonna post some photos from India and Nepal, but somehow i managed to delete most of them from my phone by mistake. I have few from India left, so maybe I'll make a post with them. But I am going back to Nepal soon, so I will make new pictures and try not to loose them again... )))

Oh my God! I know exactly what you're going through. It happened to me some years ago when after coming home from Paris, my computer broke and lost all my photos. I was sick (literally) for a month and then I let it go. It still hurts but I have the photos printed in my memory.

If you're going back to Nepal, please take some photos for us, I know it's a beautiful country with an amazing cultural heritage and it would be nice to see some of it throughout your photos 🙂

I am fortunate enough to come to India and Nepal quite often, so it wasn't such a disaster for me. I have many pictures from there, but there were mostly taken my my friends or clients (me being a trekking guide in those places), so I don't feel I should use them here. But I have a new phone that makes reasonably decent photos, I posted some from other trips already...

Then I'm off to check them out 🙂

Hi shephard,

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Thank you, curie! I feel very honoured!

Genial interpretación felicidades por este post y mucho éxito, en verdad lo disfruté mucho...


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Good to hear you play again. Welcome back.

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Thank you! I am happy to be back!

Good to hear you playing again.


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