Open Mic Week 9 - Having Fun On The Piano

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Hello, fellow musicians and steemians alike! I don't know about you guys, but I have so much fun expressing myself through music and I'm pleased to have a chance to share that while also being rewarded for the time and energy I've put into it. Thanks @luzcypher and @pfunk! You two are consistently facilitating this awesome event, and for that I feel the need to show my gratitude every time I share one of my songs. I've been singing for 11 years, playing guitar for about 7 years, and piano for around 4 months. Occasionally, I'll try out some other instruments like the drums, but most of the time you'll see me jammin that kinda music. I've had a good time communicating with other contestants, and it's been fulfilling to be apart of this growing community. Have a good one guys!


Great job!
Keep it up and consider posting more often!

Thanks! I've been having more ideas lately for content, so it should be flowing soon

I love having the honor of listening to your beautiful music!

I love having the honor of playing it for you guys

Another one of my favorite songs you bless me with everyday! I love your style, so soothing and peaceful. The lighting in this video is also great. I'm so glad you are enjoying this open's a perfect fit for you.

:D Thank you Shellie. The community is great. I'm having a lot of fun on here sharing music with others

Bravo @rileyechard !!! It was a beautiful ballad to listen too :)

Thanks Marissa! It was fun to play :)

so nice music
enjoyed & upvoted :)

Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it

Hi @rileyechard I'm glad you're having fun with us on Open Mic. Piano sound good.

Thanks, it's been great so far

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