Steemit Open Mic Week 79 - ''You've been there'' - Original Song

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Hi dear steemians this is my first entry in OpenMic contest.

First, I have to say thanks to my good friend @pedromrmourato for his amazing talent and for introducing me to the open mic, and my good friend Bertilio Santos - your voice is unbelievable!!
This is an original song called “You've been there", I hope you guys enjoy it and I'm looking forward to read your thoughts about it.

A very special thanks to all the OpenMic community (musicians and music lovers) and to our sponsors @pfunk and @luzcypher for making this possible for all of us.

One love.


You've been there

Is all I want right now,
From you
'Cause you drag me down

Be Quiet,
Listen to what I have to say,
My words
You won't drag them away, noooo

I wanted to show you how
life could be easy, if you
just let me hold you
You and I
We knew the dangers
there's no need to be strangers

Refrão 2x:
You've been there (3x)

I'll never be your clown again

If we ever due part
I hope
you get a brand new start, ooohhh

I wanted to show you how
Life could be easy, if you
Just let me hold you
You and I
We knew the dangers
there's no need to be strangers

You've been there (3x)

I'll never be your clown again

Bridge (2x)
Why do we get back what we throw out
Your voice echoes but I can hear no sound

Refrão 2x:
You've been there (3x)

I'll never be your clown again

Bridge (4x)
Why do we get back what we throw out
Your voice echoes but I can hear no sound



Great performance, guys - congratulations on hitting top place in Open Mic with it!

@jaytaylor thank you for your kind words.
Let me tell you that i checked your blog and i love your Secret Garden painting ;)
Congratulations you have an amazing talent!!!
Maybe in a near future i can buy one of your painting for my house.
All good for you.
One love

Paulo, you are most welcome <3

I'm glad you like that painting - if I still have it when you are a Steemit megastar (which won't be long!), I will be happy to trade it for some of your Steem dollars - or fiat, if you prefer. I would LOVE knowing that it lived with a beautiful soul who loves it :D

All things good to you, too, Paulo - keep playing! You rock! <3

With love, Jay

What an utterly amazing performance.

You guys just keep showcasing some amazing talent. Congratulations once again. Keep them coming.


Steemit Open Mic Week 79 Winners See Who Won Open Mic And Join Us This Week --- by @luzcypher

@luczypher I am so happy with the outcome of our song. We make music form the heart and the recognition of the open mic community feels so good ;) Thank you once again for all the great work you and all the open mic team are doing. You guys make us push more and more each day so we can bring good things to the community and your work here is making me meet artists and listen to songs that are making me grow as a musician and a person.
All the best for you guys and keep making the Open Mic contest as great as it is right now ;)
One love

Que bom :) Muito obrigado por isso. My written Portuguese is rusty, but your song is so very awesome, @paulobassman. I never even knew Steemit even had an Open Mic competition. Who nows maybe one day I'll give it a shot too.

I liked and sub'd from my YT channel, Positive777, as well as followed, upvoted and resteemed here.

Thanks for bringing some sunshine into the steemit world :)

@positivesynergy obrigado pelas palavras 😁
Do you have any relation ro Portugal?
One love

Only that I passed through Lisboa into Europe on an awesome cruise ship from living in Brazil about 6 years many years ago now. Lisbon is a beautiful city. Where do yo live?

I lived in Lisbon for 30 years but 7 years ago i moved to Algarve ;)
Its great that you still remember some word in Portuguese its not an easy language!!!
I wish all good for you and if you come to Portugal / Algarve i will gladly show you some nice places!!
One love

Thank you - Muito obrigado : )
One love - Peace

Thank you @drewsmusic ;)
I am glad you liked our song!!
All good for you
One love

You guys have done it again, another amazing original! Please keep them flowing through! Don't stop

I have included you in my Judge's Top List week 79
Please check out the full review here

Nice work!
I hear a bit of an Adam Levine vibe both in vocal and songwriting style.
Very cool!

@nathankaye i think you got it right 😁
My friend i honestly think you have an amazing talent and you are one of my favorite artists in the Steemit community. Congratulations for your talent and keep your great songs coming!!!
One love

Thanks so much @paulobassman!
I appreciate that so much!

And massive congratulations on your win! AGAIN!
Well done! Keep your tunes rolling in!

Are you on discord, mate?

@nathankaye i have already setup an account on Discord so we can chat and maybe collaborate in a song ;)

One love bro

We're thinking along the same lines, my friend. I'll DM you.. :)

We're thinking along the same lines, my friend. I'll DM you.. :)
You'll just need to accept my friend request to get the dialogue started.

Thanks @nathankaye ;)
@verbal-d also ask me if i am on discord but i don't know how that works im going to check it out :)
One Love

I totally love this performance, i'm your really big big fan since the song "There is love", i mention that song on a post talking about the power of the voice on the music and i swear that i came here to listen and one more time i get too much excited for listen this masterpiece!

You're mi favorite openmic group, i admire you a lot, good luck and success on this week guys!, you're a big motivation for my music career, i hope to get to your level one day, blessings and good vibes always.

@ilazramusic thank you so much. It makes us realy happy that you liked and listend to the song more then once ;)
I love the way you harmonize with your back vocals, your song this week is amazing.
One love
I would love to record a bass line in your song ;)

@paulobassman If you do it i'll be really honored!, thank you so much for enjoy my entry, you have all the permissions to make that bass line jaja.

Much love and good vibes for you and your group!

And one question: why isn't Bertilio here on Steemit? he probably would have waaaay much success on the platform jajaja

@ilazramusic so i will record a bassline over your song and send it to you it will be a plesure to do it ;)
One love

Awesome gentlemen! Paulo, I love the way your basslines compliment each of the songs you play. Though subtle at times, without you at the bottom, the songs just wouldn't be the same. NICE, brother!

@passion-ground i am so glad you like it and thank you very much for your words.
I always try to keep the bass in the right place for what the music needs without overpowering the song!!!!
One love

Awesome performance! Love your song SO much. Can't wait to hear more.


@luzcypher thank you for your kind words and its an honour to be part of this musical community.
Im am glad you like it, and once more thanks for your support!!
One love

Great performance! I have actually enjoyed listening to it about 3 or 4 times since first hearing it last night.

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Hey @randomwanderings, wow, wasn't expecting that! Your support is really important for the OpenMic comunnity, it's really good you always keep an eye on us, thank you!

And of course you can feel free to quote everything on the post, it's an honour!

You have such a good voice bro! Loved the song. :)

@novumorganon thank you. I will make shure Bertilio reads your comment because he really deserves it.
One love

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ No words necessary...

Hey Petra! So glad you like it, means a lot!

The easiest liking ever ;) Will be in touch soon about the 'other' project... ;)

@petrajordan i am so anxious ;) Bring it on!!!!

Whoa. Stunning performance.

Thank you very much 😁!!
One love

Wow, very nice song and performance. Congratulations!

@stimu thank you for your message ;) Glad you liked it!!
One love

This is amazing! Congrats for the curie-vote 😊 you deserve it!

Hey @ligarayk, thanks a lot! It's great to get the curie-vot, and it's good to know they always keep an eye on the OpenMic

We like to keep it smooth 😎

wonderful. I love it

I feel this song bro, deeply! Nice emotional impact.

@martinsandersuk its soo good that music touch us this away.
Thank you and i hope i can keep up with you guys making songs you like.
One love bro

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