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RE: Steemit Open Mic Week 79 - ''You've been there'' - Original Song

in #openmic4 years ago

Que bom :) Muito obrigado por isso. My written Portuguese is rusty, but your song is so very awesome, @paulobassman. I never even knew Steemit even had an Open Mic competition. Who nows maybe one day I'll give it a shot too.

I liked and sub'd from my YT channel, Positive777, as well as followed, upvoted and resteemed here.

Thanks for bringing some sunshine into the steemit world :)


@positivesynergy obrigado pelas palavras 😁
Do you have any relation ro Portugal?
One love

Only that I passed through Lisboa into Europe on an awesome cruise ship from living in Brazil about 6 years many years ago now. Lisbon is a beautiful city. Where do yo live?

I lived in Lisbon for 30 years but 7 years ago i moved to Algarve ;)
Its great that you still remember some word in Portuguese its not an easy language!!!
I wish all good for you and if you come to Portugal / Algarve i will gladly show you some nice places!!
One love

Thank you - Muito obrigado : )
One love - Peace

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