Voices Of Open Mic - Un músico y artista plástico que al fin puede tocar la guitarra para Steemit

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Saludos para todos!!!

Me inspira la vida misma y las ganas de ser mejor cada día con cada post. Poder mostrarle al mundo el arte que realizo a través de tocar la guitarra.

Questions that i answer in the video are in spanish, so i put the english aswers here:

How did you first hear about Open Mic?

Thanks to my friend Aida Rojas, cause she makes a lots of amazing originals and covers songs for Open Mic contest, so i like to enjoy it this contest too. Im musician since 90s, and i join Steemit in december but my firsts posts was about my poetry and bio post and artistic artworks that i create in my gallery art studio. But now i have 2 weeks in Open Mic contest.

What has been your experience in entering Open Mic?

Will be awesome!!! I record two first videos (week 72 & 73) with @valeriabandes, an artist from my hometown Caracas, Venezuela, she its a dancer and artist too, and since she was a little child she likes to sing alone in her home, with her family and both, the guitar and voice could create a good fusion between flamenco (from spain) and other latin rhytms like cuban rap or salsa, very interesting and unique that we wanna development here in the contest.

What is your favorite part of Open Mic?

I like a lot watch other performances from a lot of amazing people here, i like a lot to learn about other cultures and music talents.

What has been your Open Mic highlight?

I really like that the people watch and listen our music and continue to support us and our music too, in my case with in the guitar playing, and Valeria with her a capella voice.

If you could change one thing about Open Mic what would it be?

Im a new user i like a lot this contest i dont change anything, i like a lot the new rule to say the user name in the beggining of the video and the week, cause that rule give a new higher level to the contest.

How has Open Mic affected your life?

In a cool awesome way, cause im sharing the contest links and try to amazing musicians and friend that i have in facebook and twitter listen our new fusion´s videos. I like to show my music art in my youtube channel or my soundcluods or blog account´s since a lot of years ago, so its amazing to participate in this contest in real time, each week, cause we can show al the new stuffs and songs that we can create with our music.

Other than yourself, who are your top 5 favorite Open Mic performers:

@aidarojaswriter @jese @dreamrafa @camporr @andreag

All of this users are from Venezuela :) very cool artists, I support them.

Mis 3 primeras participaciones en el Open Mic, número 72, 73 y 74:




My Youtube Channel:


My Personal Blog:


Extreme brutal deathmetal song:

Ethnic song:

Mis cuentas de Soundcloud:


Gracias por leer. Exitos y bendiciones. lml
Thanks a lot for reading this posts, Blessings

Gracias a @luzcypher y a @pfunk, @meno y @verbal-d por la oportunidad de expresarnos.

Link:: https://steemit.com/openmic/@luzcypher/voices-of-open-mic

P.D: Valeria Bandes its traveling to her family town very far from here, so she cant participate in this video, maybe she will create her own post video in his personal Steemit account: @valeriabandes

Por motivos de viaje Valeria Bandes no pudo participar en este video, es probable que ella realice un video propio desde su cuenta personal de Steemit: @valeriabandes

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Good work

thanks a lot! :D

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amaaaaazing! thanks a lot! muchas gracias :D también he comenzado a amar este contest <3 bless

Muy bueno Bro.... éxitos

graciasss mor :)