Steemit OpenMic Week 89 - Original Piano Piece | MDJ

in openmic •  last year  (edited)

Hey guys!!!! hope all is well, this is my latest entry to the steemit open mic contest. I'm so happy that @soundlegion made a post of her vocals on top of my song from last weeks entry, she has a truly stunning voice and I'm so looking forward to working with her in the future.


anyways, much love to you all and I hope you enjoy this piece.

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Always Amazing my friend...woooo loved it! Second time listening. always in the pocket groove moody, fantastic
btw i love your name

That was awesome!!! Yesssss! So unique and makes me smile so much. Thank you for sharing that! And soundlegion is the best!

That sounds pretty awesome. Great job.

Cheers bro, once again sorry for sharing it on the channel in steemit chat. Much love

It really doesn't matter man, it's just a link in a channel.

I loved the collaboration you two did. It's now on my iPod and can't stop listening to it. Great stuff. Glad you're still here.

Brother, I know you told me never to comment on one of your posts again unless I was going to include you in my top-5. Well, I'm going to ignore that request and say to you that I'm quite happy that against all apparent odds, your tenacity and belief in yourself was heard by the universe!

Though you may not end up in my Top-5, I love this performance of yours as I've loved so many others. I am thrilled that your music has had such an effect on @soundlegion, and her expression of that inspiration is simply awesome!

Great entry, MDJ... and many, many more... Much love, brother!

Stay Passionate, Stay Grounded

Yes the collaboration was amazing and im really looking forward to working with @soundlegion in the future. She has an amazing voice and writing skills, can't wait to work on an album with her.

In regards to your comment, i don't expect to be featured in the judges top 5 all the time, but to never have me in yours ever and to then tell me how much you love it, is just not something I appreciate.

In terms of not being featured in your top 5 this week, I know that you don't consider my talents or passion to be good enough (in your head) hence why you never have or ever will put me there, but this doesn't phase me, as there other judges and communities of people out there who do.

Anyways take care

You're welcome, brother! Take care as well.

This was very very cool @moderndayjester , I was brought here by the @soundlegion post :) , I love the natural piano verb happening , it gives it such a deep and envolving atmosphere . Btw .. i featured your previous song and @soundlegion's cover on my #coverasteemian initiative ! Please keep sharing the music . Resteemed ;) !

Hey mate, much appreciated for featuring one of my entries in your post. I was really shocked when @soundlegion sent me her post back with her vocals on top of my entry. It flowed so well and really can't wait to be working on an album with her. A great talent and really nice soul!

The church is always going to be held highly in terms of performing as there's nothing that beats this type of ambience, sense of tranquility and beauty. Thank you for doing a post on my entry, I do digital artwork as well and would like to do a piece for you as gratitude. If you have a picture that means something to you, please send me a photo to

[email protected]

Till next time, peace and much love


Great to see you entering once again! Happy you didn't give up after all. Amazing piece here - absolutely still dig that piano beatboxing combo. This could be amazing as movie soundtrack!

Keep up the good work ~

hell yeah ahahahaha, i wrote this and then i realized that you're in a church, so great beat, and extra points for church sound and view.

..and starts the post with shout-out to luzcypher :D

Well he is one of the main inspirations behind this contest and fair play to him for helping people connect more with there talents and passions. I am not religious but I admire some of the buildings of churches and theres just something magical in playing inside (especially on a vintage grand piano!!!) Much love everyone

Hey man, glad your feeling me beats and yeah the Church is just amazing building and is my most tranquil of states. Much love brother