Giveaway 2 - Santa Meno is coming to town bearing gifts for Steemian Musicians

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   Hello my friends, as promised this is the second giveaway I will be doing for my fellow Steemian musicians, but instead of focusing on the guitarists alone, I figured I would make the gift a little more universal.


How about a Ukulele?

diviser uke.jpg

So what’s the deal? What are rules?

It’s quite simple, this is what you have to do.

  • Upvote / Resteem this post (we want more people to get a chance to own the Uke)
  • Make a funny meme with a UKE
  • Write in a short paragraph what you believe Steemit can do for the Musician’s community
  • Include what is your new year's resolution, and what you are going to do to make steemit the best place for musicians to gather
    And that is it!!!!

So... Who wins?

Quite simple as well, let your friends know you are participating of this giveaway, the comment that has the dankest uke meme, and best writeup should (in theory) have the most upvotes from other users.

Long story short, the comment with the most upvotes wins the Ukulele! by the way, shipping is on me too within Continental US. (arrangements can be made if you live outside the US)

When this post expires in 7 days, we will tally up the upvotes on the comment section and declare the Winner!!!! Yusss!!!

Feel free to share this on facebook, on twitter, if you have a friend who is a musician and has been on the fence about getting on Steemit, tell him about this crazy dude giving away stuff!!!

He/she won't resist and will come join our amazing community! we need to get all the musicians in here!

What are you waiting for? Get the meme machine rolling and do your write up!

Much love

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Uku that Lele.JPG

My uku meme and my new year resolutions are the same. Go for it. Embrace the fun. And! start playing with other musicians.

I wrote more about it in my new year resolution post.

Btw this is a photo of me from the new year last year, in Costa Rica. Hula-hooping and playing ukulele at the same time, as you do. I really love the sound of ukulele and the mood, and wow such a lovely new instrument would be a great inspiration, in writing a bit more cheerful songs ;)

I believe steemit can be a real game changer for music community, I can see it on me. Especially the songwriters challenge, pushed me a lot to write even if I did not have motivation, inspiration, time, but still somehow, I managed to pull some thoughts and melodies from the air. Funny thing is I never listen again to my songwriters challenge songs, once I post them, and yesterday I was going through it for the first time, and I was like - wow! Some great things came out, that I totally forgot about already, and most probably I would have never written them in a first place if it wasn't for steemit.

UKU that LELE everyone!

Once upon a time, I saw the Uke master known as Pockets on YouTube. That was the day I decided that I was done playing Guitar Hero and I would learn to play the ukulele. There were a few problems like the fact that I don't have a ukulele, but I won't let that stop me from my dreams. From that point forward I decided to become the best air-ukulele player in the world. After seeing this contest though, I dream that maybe I could be something more than a humble air-ukulele player. Maybe one day, I could take on Pockets in an epic ukulele showdown of epic proportions. I have a dream to learn to play the ukulele on steemit and share this journey with all of you fantastic musicians. I think steemit is already allowing different channels for monetizing and content sharing of all types and it's a great way to meet new people to collaborate with. Perhaps next year I can play the ukulele in the Christmas Collaboration. Ahhhh, the dream.



There's a couple... I actually made five of them. If you'd like to see more...

What can Steemit do for the music community? Take it back from the liars and thieves. Imagine how many people out there are just like me. They had the music laying dormant inside them, rarely sharing or creating because there was never a support network with enough incentive... until now. This magical place makes it worth it for us to keep creating. The specific impact of Steemit on the world art scene is still to be determined, but it will be massive. I'm all in with Steem; 2018 is going to be an incredible year!


Steemit can be a great platform for musicians and I believe as it grows and more people put out solid content like product reviews, contests, and lessons that the community will prosper. Right now the go to place is youtube but I believe that we can change that and there is a huge need for more musicians to post original content. In addition, steemit provides a more personal experience than other social media platforms like youtube and since I've been here I've talked to other musicians from around the world.

My new years resolution is to continue to learn my instruments and provide solid advise and lessons here on steemit/ My main focus is going to be the less known songs because the popular songs are overdone with lessons.

...and if I happen to win the Uke then I'll play a song on it for all of steemit to see.


awesome meme brother! great comment! ;) best of luck!

Santaa menooo!!!! ahaahha, te restemeare este post, me encantaria participar pero no soy muy bueno haciendo memes! exito!


dale hermano, si tienes que pedir una ayuda a un amigo todo bien, ademas el que decide son los votos, si amigos tuyos te apoyan ganarias igual.

Awesome, @meno! I will make a ukulele meme or five :D

You don't need to consider me for the prize, just happy to support! I'm about to grab a new baritone uke. Those lower tones and wound strings make a big difference. Gotta have that strong finish in the ol' Songwriter's Challenge. ;)


hahahahah awesome Chris... can't wait to see what you come up with...

Nice ! I'm not participating in this one . But I'm sharing!

@meno, YOU DA MAN! Merry Christmas to you brother and Steem on!


thank you my brother... merry christmas to you too!

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In all my years playing the guitar I have never touched a ukulele for more than 10 seconds st a time... and I don't want to :D Good luck all - shared.


thank you brother I appreciate you!

I am definitely upvoting you! . You are doing incredible things for the music community on Steemit ! So what is the best thing that I can do to help? The best thing is to support you!! I barely have time right now to keep up with all my friends on Steemit , so I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to join this contest ,But I am definitely voting you with my nine cents LOL and re-steeming the post! Thanks a lot for what you’re doing!


Thank you Kat... ;)

Hi wow!
Meno, this another great contest! You da man!


Hey Amber... thank you for commenting, gotta share the nuggets, you know?