Join the OpenMic Trail today and save the bees!!!

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   Well maybe it won't really save the bees, but you know what it will actually do? It will help support the longest running contest on the Steem Blockchain and make hundreds of musicians a littler happier, and if that is not enough to persuade you, it will also make you some extra Steem. How does that sound?


What trail? What am I talking about?

   Back in the long gone days of been a week, I know) the #openmic contest had amassed an impressive collective of accounts following @luzcypher 's votes around the Steemian landscape. This not only made for better rewards for musicians participating of the #openmic contest, but also, and just as importantly it helped many users collect curation rewards while they slept.

   Basically, because @luzcypher actually goes around curating quality content, people who follow his trail are more likely to make rewards from curating said content. How do I know this? Because I personally had been following the trail for months now, and saw the results myself.

Is your upvote being put to good use?

   If you are sitting there with a VP charged up all the way to 98% you might be leaving some Steem on the table. Meaning, it really does you absolutely no favors to keep your upvote all the way charged, if you are not also making some curation rewards. In other words, with the way Steem and it's blockchain work, there are no curation rewards if you don't upvote. On the other hand, you don't want to be upvoting garbage posts, so....... How do we fix it?

Add your behind to a good trail

   Of course I'm super biased. I for one found this platform and it's ability to nurture musicians as my own saving grace, but trails are not limited to music, and are definitely not limited to the #openmic, but I strongly think the @openmic trail is the best chess move out there.

Its so simple to join the trail

   All you have to do is go to the website, register your account and follow the trail under the @openmic. This account was setup by our beloved witness @ausbitbank to help support all the musicians who participate of the #openmic events happening every single week.

   With over 20k Steem Power in delegation from amazing Steemians and altruistic whales like @fulltimegeek @ausbitbank this account is probably responsible for making more people smile than the most convincing Santa Claus inside a strip mall in the middle of December. You can be part of that philosophy of giving, that ethos of sharing, and also make some curation rewards.... how sweet is that?

Join the hug pit today

   Log on to register your account and under Curation trails.

menu steemvoter.png

   Look for the openmic account with a quick and painless search.

openmic search.png

   After you have added the @openmic as the trail you are going to follow, you can set you voting weight and you are good to go.

set it up.png

   By default the @openmic account votes with a 10% setting, so if you chose scale voting, your vote would simply echo that, if not, you could setup the voting weight you find more fitting for your account.

And that is it!!!!!


   Yes my friends, it is really that simple, and its really that quick for you to participate of an epic win/win situation. If you have read this post, and still doubt or don't understand how this could benefit you, do not hesitate to ask in the comments below.

   Allow me the opportunity to change your mind!!!

Much love

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Thanks, @meno for showing people how to follow the @openmic trail. This will help musicians who enter the contest earn more rewards for their entry.

Just to be clear for anyone reading this post, following this trail does not vote for me, it votes on the valid Open Mic entries that I vote for.

Ohh! I learned somethin new :) ! I already set up my account and I am following the @openmic trail ! Glad to add my little grain of salt. Cheers!

Thank you kindly!
Every little helps!

Another fine post in support of us musicians here on the #openmic contest.
Thanks @meno you're a legend!

thank you Mr Sir... hhahahah a

I love this idea! Thanks for the detailed explanation. It makes it far easier to understand how it all works. :)

Thanks for that info/guide sir @meno, Im using steemauto since last month I followed some trailers last time and I was not able to set the voting weight for every trailer, I was shocked my voting power went down to 30%. When i checked my profile and oh my god I made 240 votes on that day. So I end up of removing all then set up some in a Fan Base.

This time I will follow @openmic trail.

wow.. yeah 30% is pretty low... i think the sweet spot should be around 70 or so.... when you set it up, mess around with the % if you see it drop too much, lower it... but in the long run this is going to help your account grow brother... I promise!

thanks for that helpful and easy way info.

OK. So I signed up for the curation trail. Quick question, should I change the "time to wait before voting"? Thanks and thanks for the post!

No need brother, it can be right afterwards. Cheers


SORRY sir..I am new steemit user. I can't understand how to use steemit fast time...I am not stolen..forgive me sir plase..Today my frand tall me how to use steemit...sorry sir I am not stolen....Help me sir....🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Well, I think you learned your lesson.. its really simple, don't plagiarize... do not copy what other people do, thats it.

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