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RE: OFFICIAL: Open-Mic | @passion-ground's Top-5 Entries for Week 84

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Woah!!! yo @Passion-ground after we checked this top 5 we got the shivers and wanted to thank you for your consideration, as one of the guys behind the curtain of what Funk Media is looking to achieve in the long run we are gratefull for your support an the fact that you recognize our effort to keep bringint good content is filling us with gratitude. thanks @passion-ground Stay tuned! because it seems like our Friend Coco Ramos is going to join the Steemit Comunity pretty soon.



Woah, that would be awesome! I am coo-coo for Coco, gentlemen! Thank you for your kindness, talent, and community spirit... We love you guys!

hahahahaha @passion-ground you are very funny, we could laugh a good time, since you are coo-coo for coco, you did not expect this @lecocosoul she is awesome and beautiful