Cover #1 - Only Hope by Switchfoot / Jon Foreman

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One of my favourite human beings on this side of eternity is a person called Jon Foreman. Also known to most as the lead singer of the band Switchfoot. As someone who is deeply moved by lyrics and fascinated with imagery, Jon's music and writing has proved to be a guiding light in times of darkness. When I questioned my faith, when all I saw was hypocrisy in religious institutions, these songs taught me more about God than most preachers have ever done.

Here's my feeble attempt at playing a tune close to my heart. This marks the first time that I've ever sang outside of a church setting to be really honest, so please go easy on me.

Jon Foreman

"Tension is where we live, the struggle is a part of this world. I dare you to make a melody with the tension, to dance upon this strings of life, to continue to practice and engage in the struggle. Be brave your melody is worth it. Be strong, your melody is needed. I dare you to live out the purpose, for which you were born, that your melody would soar above the past, above the pain, above the dissonance. That the song you were born to sing, would come into life. The composer of time and space have given you a part in this great symphony. This is your moment. This is your opus. This is your life. I dare you to move" - Jon Foreman

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Jon Foreman is my songwriting idol. Really loved your version of only hope, brings back a lot of memories. Keep making videos! I want more.

Thanks for dropping by, and for the kind words man! Great to meet another Jon Foreman fan :) I hope to be able to write songs like him someday.

Following your songwriting journey with eager anticipation! Loved the original song you wrote and performed @cbppls

Thanks Arwin, I hope to hear more music from you soon. Really really like your voice. If you haven't already, I've featured you in an article here @mewnusic :) Great talent should be recognized and I really loved this video.

Thanks again man, and for the feature too! Really appreciate it , esp coming from someone as talented as you. I'll definitely do more recordings soon.

Thanks man :) Hope you enjoyed it!

Hey @arwinzen, this is @aaronteng from @mewnusic

We talked a bit during the CNY gathering dinner.

Glad you showcase your music flair after all.

We just featured you in our latest post:

Keep it up!

Hey @mewnusic and @aaronteng ! Whoa thanks for the feature, really grateful to be listed with others who are so talented. Looking forward to more of your posts about the local scene and music on steemit

👏👏👏👏👏another artist in the team. Nice one!

Thanks @iamjadeline! Appreciate you dropping by and listening to the cover :D

@silviagoh say your voice very nice ;) hahaha! good job man! cool rendition.

p.s. I like your blue walls and just how tidy and neat everything is!

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Thanks for the encouragement man! And to @silviagoh too :D Hope to post more soon.

Ahaha very observant! There's also a John Mayer graphic on the wall if you look really closely =P

First time hear you sing after know you for so long.. you can sing as well!
Thunder so loud haha

Way to go!

Yeah didn't realize that the thunder affected the audio at the end ahaha. Thanks for the encouragement! :)

hahaha! heard it as well :)

I love their "Dare you to move" since my university days after I watched a Christian movie with the song. Only Hope is also a familiar song to me, now I can't recall if I heard it from another movie. I agree with you Switchfoot's songs deliver messages that can clarify.

Those wise words from Jon Foreman resonates and makes great sense! Love them.

Nice cover @arwinzen :) Do more and share with us!

You're right @happycrazycon, the song is actually from "A Walk To Remember" (was a pretty popular movie back in the day).

Thanks again for dropping by! I'll def be posting more in the near future :)

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Hey hey, sorry that I missed your post the last you told me about it. Good job @arwinzen! This is one of the nice songs that I listened to. Keep it up! Post moreeee :D