Steemit Open Mic - Week 118 - Revolution

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Hola steemians, este video lo vengo planeando desde el mes de agosto, fué como mi meta del año 2018, pero me atrasé por 2 días por cuestiones navideñas, bueno lo importante es que ya lo tengo y aquí esta. La primera vez que escuché esta pieza me pareció que no podría tocarla pero todo con la practica se puede, la pieza la tuve que sacar a oído porque no existe partitura.

Hi steemians, I have been planning this video since August, It was like my goal for the year 2018, but I fell behind for 2 days for Christmas, well the important thing is that I already have it and here is. The first time I heard this song I thought I couldn't play it but everything can be done with practice, I had to listen to the song because there is no score.


Impresionante talento el que tienes. Tocar la guitarra de esa manera, increible. ahora entiendo porque te tomo tanto tiempo sacarlo. lo hiciste a oido propio. eso te da mas creditos. bravo... sigue dedicandote a la guitarra que se te da muy bien. gracias por compartir tu talento en steemit. Feliz año nuevo . saludos desde Barquisimeto, Venezuela :))

Muchas gracias @wisejg C:

Hi adreini,

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Excelente manera de tocar la guitarra. Me encanto. Felicidades @adreini

Muchas gracias amiga ^_^

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Your fingers move so fast @adreini! This is an amazing guitar playing piece. Love it! Thank you for sharing this with us. I love how you hit the guitar to create the beat like drum and for you to play this by ear is truly an inspiration!

Thank you very much for watching my video, and for taking the time to comment, I'm glad you liked it.

:) A happy week to you @adreini!

You too c:

Wow! That was amazing. Such agility with those fingers and the accompanying sound "effects". It was like having three musicians performing. We can almost of see a couple dancing to that tune.
You definitely have a prodigious ear, having been able to play it without the score.
Great video. Congratulations.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. c:

Wow! You're playing the guitar so easily just like a piece of cake. Your right hand is very fast in strumming but the left hand is faster in pressing and switching the keys!

The background effect is cool. It sounded like you are still strumming the guitar even if not as I noted it on few clips like 00:24 to 00:28 and a few more. That beat is lively and inviting for a dance. You got a taste of music choices! 😊

Thank you very much for watching my video, what you mentioned about strumming without touching it, that was what cost me more because I didn't have to leave empty spaces. I'm glad you liked my video.

You're welcome. 😊

What do you mean it cost you more? Did you have to go an extra step to make that happen?

I had to learn to do tapping with my left hand, at first my wrist hurt until I found a comfortable way to do it without hurting me. The rest is just practice.

Oh, I see. Now I understand what you mean. Yes, as they say, practice makes progress. 😊

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