Keep Your EOS Safe after June 1st with OpenLedger DEX

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Hello, friends, investors and OpenLedger DEX users!

Interested in getting core tokens on the EOS blockchain?

OpenLedger DEX will connect users with the new EOS blockchain when it becomes available this summer.

If you’ve taken part in the EOS token distribution, you should know that all EOS Tokens will become fixed (non-transferable) on the Ethereum blockchain within 23 hours of the end of the final EOS Token distribution period, on June 1, 2018 at 22:59:59 UTC.

So it’s important to make sure that your ERC-20 compatible tokens are in a compatible private wallet before that date!

When that date does arrive, there will be a transition period during which all EOS tokens will roll over to the new blockchain automatically.

We’re happy to announce that OpenLedger will be taking particular care of its users during this exciting but uncertain time.

We’ll handle your security in case of emergency and fraud, and you can deposit, store, trade, transfer your open.EOS tokens before, during and after the official EOS release moment, without worrying about your ETH wallet, private keys or transferring.

That makes OpenLedger DEX the natural choice to store and trade your EOS tokens safely and securely.

If you have an OpenLedger DEX account, you can just log in and trade as normal. If you don’t, getting one is easy, quick and gives you access to multiple currencies across multiple blockchains as well as a crypto-fiat exchange. Sounds good? Go here and get started!

Best wishes,

The OpenLedger DEX team.

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Thank you for posting @bloggersclub.

This is good news.

Is there a plan to have a Discord channel in future?

Appreciate all you do......thank you.


This is how I'm doing it.

  ·  last year (edited)

You always keep disabling the OPEN.coins withdrawal with no specific date when to enable.

Good to know, and BitShares blockchain provides that ability to keep track of them all. Time to pick a few up myself now I know OL will guarantee a safe swap to mainnet! Thanks this is the type of value-added extra mile customer service we like to see ... :)

Can anyone explain like I'm five the difference/relationship between Openledger and Bitshares?

Hm... a different door to the same house?

OpenLedger and are different ways to access the bitshares blockchain. It is the same blockchain though, you access the same account from both. OpenLedger is simply a company that built it's service on top of the bitshares blockchain. They have a support team, operate gateways to other blockchains, so you can trade their tokens on the bitshares blockchain. RuDEX is the same.

Ah so it's not really different at all it's just a different front end?

So there's no difference except really cosmetic in terms of the platform, with OpenLedger vs Bitshares?

that really nice post @Keepbloggersclub I like Your EOS Safe after June 1st with OpenLedger DEX post. thanks for sharing post

Did block one change its strategy or how do you ensure that "all EOS tokens will roll over to the new blockchain automatically."?

Hi all first time post... I feel I need to give some clarification as to the way I see how things go ... firstly ... registering your eos is really easy to do ... a couple of test runs and you’ll wonder what you were worried about ... second ... you need to reg the EOS Tokens yourself in a compatible wallet (Myetherwallet is pretty good) so they are in your wallet that you have the keys to namely the pri and pub keys ... on the 23 eos will do their thing and I expect they will require you/me to set up another wallet registration within the new up and running eos environment where you and I will go in with the pri key and pick out our eos and drop it into our new eos wallet in the new eos environment ... for me it doesn’t matter too much if the eos goes up or down before then from those that are trading them (except when I’m buying) because once I buy and transfer them I really am in hodl mode then I just transfer them to my Myetherwallet ready for the snapshot
Please comment on any areas where I may have this wrong hope this helps .... can’t wait .... thanks

Very nice. Saw the announcement on Twitter and came right over. I had a couple EOS Tokens when I was brand new and exchanged them for BTS. Had no idea what they were. Now, I'm in full EOS collect mode. Got to get me some more! Looking forward to future announcements. Thanks for keeping us informed. :)

This is awesome...thanks for the update guys

What is going on with June 2 airdrops?