Let's campaign for Steem and SBD support in OpenBazaar!

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First see the quick video below by Mike Wolf, UX / Design Lead on OpenBazaar and OB1Company, so right now requesting Steem and SBD would not be a random act, but they are actively asking crypto communities their thoughts, and it only takes a second to pop a comment on YouTube or tweet your interest.  If you are reading this, you are on this platform and probably have Steem already, it wouldn't suck if it's value were to rise, and I don't only mean in a financial way, but in a usefulness way. 

The Crypto Collectibles store was originally started with Dogecoin in mind years ago on a platform called Moolah, which had an unfortunate history it ended up.  Crypto Collectibles moved onto Etsy and finally found the best home on OpenBazaar (viewable in a web browser through Duosear.ch).   While there is items listed on Peerhub for Steem, the larger market and decentralized nature of OpenBazaar itself lends itself to be what could be a beautiful companion piece for Steem and Steemit both us users as well as for the value of the currencies themself.  Having personally bought some art from OpenBazaar directly from my Steemit.com wallet page was awesome.    This is a plea to get Steem and SBD directly supported into the OpenBazaar platform for users to both sell and buy and receive their payments or pay for their goods in Steem and SBD.  Be vocal.    

Retweet or comment here and Mike Wolf will see your comments directly! https://twitter.com/cryplectibles/status/850188719671955457

This post is inspired by a post from /r/Dogecoin where their community is making a similar plea.   Respect to the Dogecoin community, may the coin that started as a joke live on as long as cryptocurrencies exist.  Image credit is a mixture of an image from this post and this post with added text.


 * EPLS Tutorial: How To Spend or Cash Out Steem from Steemit

 * This Elephant Sculpture Art was Bought With STEEM

 * Copper Age Classic Comic Book - Cloak and Dagger from 1995

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I was just thinking about this the other day.


No better time then now, if you have a Twitter account, take the sec and let Mike Wolf know there is interest or at least retweet the current tweet. These little types of voices being heard matter, especially when they are asking opinions. I think it's great Steemit has a community more so than any other coin I had used since Dogecoin or Bitcoin itself, so I think it would have a better chance at possible integration.

cryplectibles Crypto Collectibles tweeted @ 07 Apr 2017 - 03:29 UTC

Lets campaign for Steem & SBD support in @OpenBazaar

@Steemit @thee_wolf #Steemit #DigitalCurrency #CryptoCurrencytwitter.com/i/web/status/8…

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Done! Commented on YouTube. Couldn't help but notice that Amanda B. and Dash are directly commenting and interacting, even offering potential coding and financial support to integrate with OpenBazaar. That's pretty sweet. I hope there are some Steem devs out there who feel the same way!


Awesome! Every little bit counts online more than people think. So many people are usually not wanting to take surveys or participate actively in anything online out of just feeling spammed out, so when you do take literally that few seconds it takes to hit a button on a screen, it matters.

This comment came off like a cheesy football coach pep talk. I wish I typed it in all caps.


That was actually my first YouTube comment ever! It's only recently I've begun voting content on YouTube, Facebook and other social media. It took me becoming active on Steemit to begin to see value in my social media interactions. The sense of ownership and responsibility I feel with Steemit has somehow crept over to other (perhaps less deserving!) platforms!

insert 80's movie slow clap following coach's inspirational speech

This is brilliant! I'd love to see Steem added to something like this.


It really would be a great thing if people who are earning here on Steemit could buy or sell goods and do it directly from their Steemit.com wallet page, I think a big gap in cryptocurrency in general is ease of use. Everything needs to be down to a button press on an app sadly.


I couldn't agree more. It might also help to stabilize the price, with less people cashing out, knowing that they can spend their steem at different sites. Not to mention, all the steemit users that would start shopping on OpenBazaar. Seems like a win/win for everyone involved.

Great idea! Shared in SteemTrail channels and will mention on BeyondBitcoin hangout tomorrow. Agree with increasing usability of Steem Back Dollars with ecommerce being a long term ecommerce person myself that also has a love for collectibles.


Thanks for the support, it is appreciated by the community whether they know it or not. Steemit.com in it's current form is already awesome and it is such a basic site, imagine the UI upgrades, third party fun, and then people earning money on the site and being able to jump on OpenBazaar and buy from all sorts of other cryptocurrency users that may be selling some pretty cool stuff. I know I have found cool art

That elephant was in fact bought with Steem right with my wallet on the OpenBazaar app, now I should have the ability to receive payments in Steem too.

I overall just like the idea of all the cryptocurrencies being able to find a common ground on something, and and buying and selling marketplace seems like it would be a good start.

I like this idea. Steem needs a marketplace.

Steemit could be the platform where identify is established and where stores on OB build trust. Where people market their products.

They are very complimentary platforms in so many ways.