ONSTELLAR News: Hardcap Decreased, Pre-Sale Finished, Tutorial Series For ICO

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We from ONSTELLAR are excited to bring two announcements to the Steem community after listening to feedback from you. Please see the links below leading to our updated posts. We also created a walktrough tutorial series.


UPDATE: ONSTELLAR — Hardcap Decreased, ICO Pricing Lowered
Here we present the new hardcap and pricing of the ONST token ICO.


UPDATE: ONSTELLAR — Pre-Sale Completed, ICO starts March 29, 2018
We have got our first funding and finished the Pre-Sale early, allowing us to run our actual ICO earlier as well.


The ONSTELLAR Tutorial Series For Participants
We have created a tutorial series for our users to lead you through the process of converting FIAT money into cryptocurrency and participating in the ONSTELLAR ICO.


Check out the ONSTELLAR whitepaper and social media links to learn more about our Smart Media Token project for esoteric topics.


Website | Telegram chat | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


Great news guys! Hope the public ICO will have the same success!

We are working hard to make that a success for everybody!

can you give slight idea about steemit dollar in year 2020

If you want a prediction for such long term you should focus on Bitcoin and not on sdb... :)

In times like this that we are experiencing massive dip on marketcap, lowering the Hardcap/Softcap would be great for obviously the investors don't want to spend their assets specially they are currently in paper loss. Goodluck for the ICO OnStellar.

Interesting article, there is much new and instructive here! I am totally interested in this project! I will inquire about having my services on the platform as well after it's development. After reading about OnStellar's project and their collaboration with Steemit, I'm looking forward to more great concepts built with the Steemit platform.

There will be many platforms in the future running with SMTs when Steemit can deliver what they promised.

Congrats on the pre-ICO success!
Keep the news and tutorials coming! I bet they are pretty useful for the newbies. If I had that kind of information when I started some mistakes could be avoided!
Keep up the good work and best of luck for the upcoming ICO.

Thank, we want to make it as easy as possible. Not everyone has crypto background.

This project is extraordinary .. I am sure, for the future of this project can be a reliable project .. Good luck always .. Be the best project .. Very amazing .. Amazing .. Great .. And I will not regret join us .. Thanks..

I was brought here thru Jimmy Church and SBA. I'm very excited by this platform, though it may remind some to project bluebeam, it is by any means a fairer and more transparent means of creating and sharing information. This is history in the making.

güzel kaliteli bir proje gelişmeleri ilgiyle izliyorum

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this is very good !! I like this..

Wow that is really cool !

amazing update from the team!, I cant wait to see the full potential of this project, I already registered on the site and waiting for the next 22 hrs for the ICO to start.

Congrats on the pre-ICO success! , you are doing good guys , keep going

Thank you, we are very happy!

Good deeds do) thank you

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Just signed up for Onstellar!

Great, we will see you on the other side. ;)

Just registered for OnStellar, interested in seeing how this community develops, especially for our niche.

I am excited about onstellar and I am looking forward to it. Thank you for the bounty.

Does anybody know when exactly we'll receive the ONST tokens that we purchased last week?

Just curious.

Can't wait for Onstellar to fully launch!

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