The site is used to make money online. ( Make money online - Affiliate Marketing ) Part 5

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You do international affiliate marketing,

The market of digital products is very fertile.
They have a lot of affiliate programs or extremely high commissions.

When you make affiliate marketing overseas, you will learn how to market your product.


That comes with huge competition in the products.
Requires many techniques in Digital Marketing such as Facebook, Google Adwords, SEO, Email Marketing, ...
You can see the results of affiliate marketing campaigns in foreign markets through the JvZo network below.

  • Affiliates: Publishers like you and me, who are using affiliate links to promote and make sales.
  • Affiliate marketplace: There are many markets like Shareasale, CJ, and Clickbank. These markets act as the central database for affiliate programs in various fields.
  • Affiliate software: The software used by companies to create an affiliate program for their product.
    For example: iDevaffiliate.
  • Affiliate link: special tracking paths are provided by your affiliate program to track orders that generate revenue for them.
  • Affiliate ID: Similar to affiliate links, but many affiliate programs offer a unique ID that you can add to any page of the product site.
  • Payment mode: Different affiliate programs offer different payment methods.
    For example, check, transfer, PayPal, and other ways.
  • Affiliate Manager / OPM: Many companies have special affiliate managers to help publishers make more money by giving them optimization tips.
  • Commission percentage / amount: The amount or percentage you will receive in affiliate revenue from each order.
    2-tier affiliate marketing: This is a great way to make money from an affiliate program. With this method, you introduce someone to join the affiliate program, and you get a commission when a sub affiliate creates an order (similar to MLM or multi-level marketing). This income as well as a sub commission link.
  • Landing pages: A single sales page or demo page is used for revenue purposes. Most of the programs you will promote have multiple landing pages, and you can run A / B tests to see which pages convert best for you.
  • Custom affiliate income / account: Unlike a joint affiliate account, many affiliate companies offer customizable so that people can generate the most revenue for them.
  • Link clocking: Most tracking paths are usually not neat. Use a path clocking technique like URL Shortening, Thirsty ------- Affiliates, etc., you can turn ugly paths into links so readers can read and understand.
  • Custom coupons: Many programs allow affiliate marketers to create customized discount codes to track sales. - ------=--- Customizable discount codes also help you increase affiliate sales.

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Wow I love this Because most people don't know how to go about dear own business this post is very educative

Upvote my all post brother

Will it be beneficial if we do affiliate marketting like mlm company ..

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Be beneficial ! I like it <3

giờ thảnh chuyên gia MMO rồi ha

Dâu có ;(( e chả biet gì luôg :((

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