Grabbed Miner’s To Power Up The @OneLoveSteem Curation Trail & Now Holding AFITX & CANNA Steem-Engine Tokens

in #onelovesteem5 years ago


Having seen decent results from the LEOMM I purchased, no figures to report I’m just happy seeing the tokens roll in continuously, I have decided to purchase a few more miners for the sake of powering up @OneLoveSteem quicker.


Can’t wait to see the growth in #CTP for my 11 CTPM. Also grabbed 1 WEEDMM & 1 PALMM as the prices seem to be a little lower from when I last checked. These are long term investments and will help build the value behind my @OneLoveSteem project, the trick will be picking up miners for cheap while being new to the market I think 🤔 what do you think @jongolson maybe I need a few more CTPM 😉


I grabbed 50 CANNA wanting to support @canna-collective while increasing my rewards for #weedcash specifically, I get votes for holding tokens.... sounds good to me! Decent price value so far 👌


Also noticed a very well priced airdrop from @actifit for their new AFITX token going to be used for future exchanges? I believe also votes for holding or was it regular AFIT token rewards? meh.... either way I’m holding!

My plan for now is to build as much as possible, once the new HF21 drops and curation changes take effect I expect to see more interest in trails particularly with added tokens. I will also be looking at services like @steemauto and @minnowbooster which I have noticed when using sometimes come with added token bonuses 😉. This should help get my project noticed while increasing rewarding potential of outgoing trail votes and depending on ROI for boosting services make gains in Steem, keeping 100 liquid for this.

In a sense I now have a...

Road Map

  • Complete My Trailing Account Setup- 1 Weekish
  • Complete Trail Follow List - End of Aug
  • Start Promotions - Beginning Sept
  • Setup Auto Rewards Claim & Powerup - when developed
  • Auto Daily Curation Post - when developed after claiming
  • Create Webpage With Detailed Instructions How To Set It All Up
  • Token, still on the fence how to implement and how far down this rabbit hole I wish to go....

Lots on my plate and could use some help if any developers out there want to hear my ideas out and take the glory for making it all come together 🤞 I just wanna see it through ❤️

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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Would be nice to see some data on those miners.
I can recommend @Bwar 's daily update to compare results on different miners.

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