My Curation Report for @OneLoveDtube: 13 May 2019

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Hello Steemians

Hope all are okay.
and I'm also good.

In this post ; I'm gonna share my curation report for @OneLoveDTube.


I'm curating #DTube posts for @OneLoveDTube along with other curators like @freecrypto, @kaerpediem, @gaborockstar and @priyanarc.

Thanks to @graylan and @d00k13 to give me this chance to help other steemians.

I've curated some videos that I liked for quality, information and script.
I'm gonna share those posts with little information and gonna say about the voting weight they got from @OneLoveDTube.

One Love Dtube 1.png

I Buy My Lambo With the Bitcoin Pump! of @chesatochi.

My next Lambo I plan to buy with the current crypto market condition!

This video got 17% upvote from @OneLoveDTube.

One Love Dtube 1.png

Cleanplanet🌍🌍🌍🌱🌴 13 May 2019 of @toufiqurrahman32.

Polythene and plastic are never wasted. They are not below the soil but they do not fertilize it year after year. And these things ruin the fertility of the soil. So we're working with some friends cleanplanet.

This video got 17% upvote from @OneLoveDTube.

One Love Dtube 1.png

Dtube News Covering Series Episode #17 of @freecrypto.

So , this is the seventeenth Episode of Dtube News Covering Series In which basically I will highlight all the important videos of the day , So in today's video I had selected some of the important videos which maybe important for you to give it a watch for the day…

This video got 17% upvote from @OneLoveDTube.

One Love Dtube 1.png

Unboxing: What I made for Mother's Day 💐? of @vincy.

Happy Mother's Day! 💐💆🏻‍♀️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Hope you got to share and celebrate with loved ones!

Here's what I made for my mother and mother in law for Mother's Day!

This video got 45% upvote from @OneLoveDTube.

One Love Dtube 1.png

Day#56 - My contribution for SEVEN77 of @alokkumar121.

This is my day# 57 contribution for Seven77 challenge lead by @Nathanmars

This video got 10% upvote from @OneLoveDTube.

One Love Dtube 1.png

What is Dtube? - A blocktrades sponsored contest" of @afrinsultana.

@Dtube is the most popular and most used Dapp built on the Steem blockchain.We seen Many steemian use it to post their video content.This dapp suport people for good vedio content.Also people share there vedio content here so easily.

This video got 17% upvote from @OneLoveDTube.

One Love Dtube 1.png

Hope; I'll find many good posts to curate.
DTubers should make their video with good quality to be curated.

Please, follow me to know more about this project and support this initiative by any means if you can.

One Love Dtube 1.png

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That's all for now. I'll come with an interesting post again.

Hit the upvote button if you like this post and leave a comment if you wanna say anything about this post or my any other posts.

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