Turn your leisure time into money #01 - Earn JSEcoin.

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Hello Steemians

Hope all are okay.
and I'm also good.

In this post; I'm gonna talk about JSEcoin and how to earn them.


© 2017 - CC0 Creative Commons - Source - Photo by JuralMin.

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About JSEcoin:
I've started earning this coin for some days and I only know one way to earn them.
Current price of JSEcoin: 1JSEcoin=0.06$.
Current Price of JSEcoin (30/08/2018)

How to earn them?
I know a way where this coin can be earn in a good and easy way.
JSEcoin can be earned by mining and doing some tasks.
50 coins can be earned by mining everyday and one just need to keep the computer open.

Just open the site every time open the windows and keep a single tab in the background.

and there are many other ways that I'll show in future and those can be learned from the site with a little research.

I'm giving below the link of the official website from where you'll be able to earn JSEcoin.

JSEcoin - Register Here

Go with that link and register your account.
Then start mining JSEcoin.

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Some Earning Tips

Earn SBD/Steem playing Super 8 Ball Club Android Game.

This is an android game with which you can earn SBD/Steem by playing and winning in it. You can download the game through the following link.

Super 8 Ball Club
or you can just search it on playstore as Super 8 Ball Club.

See the whole system through my link below.
Super 8 Ball Club Verify Post

Get Some Extra Cash doing tasks on Clixsense.

Click Here - Registration Page
See this post for the entire process

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That's all for now. I'll come with an interesting post again.

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Please support me to keep having more of my works and you can follow me, so that you can see my future posts and you're always welcome to my blog.

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"Be Good, Think Good and Do Good"


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Fantastic work with this one. Nice review and continue the nice work! Glad to peer you posting again. Thank you for the updates.

thanks for the nice comment.
don't just stop with the comment.
do the thing that I showed.
it's a great way to earn some little money in spare time.

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thanks for the nice comment... @muchukunda
and yeah it's correct.
You can find it from the link below.
Current Price of JSEcoin (30/08/2018)